Angus Vincent - Solo Artist

Categories: Musicians: Guitar, Solo Artists, Songwriters/Composers

Genres: Alternative, Indigenous-Identifying, Rock, Roots or Folk


Angus Vincent
95 Crestwood Crescent
Yorkton, SK, S3N 2P2

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A solo artist who bleeds music looking to get his name out there. Check out his website for all the details.

Angus’ musical background is wide and eclectic and his interests are many. They include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Offspring, Jim Morrison, Dianne Warren, Yvonne St. Germain, Kurt Cobain, John Fogerty, Buffy St. Marie, to name a few. His sound could be described as upbeat, drum and bass-driven, funk'n'roll. Angus strives on writing and showcasing new songs anywhere he can and the songs evolve and mold to ingenious works every time they are played. Angus has shared the stage at different Aboriginal festivals with such artists such as JC Campbell and Tracy Bone, Star Nayea (Grammy winner), Fara Palmer, and Yvonne St. Germain, Chester Knight (Juno Winner), Derek Miller, and Leela Gilday (Juno Winner) to name a few. Proof can be found on the Indigenous Peoples Program website through U of S under the Music Festival Programs. He has also played in open stages around town, and at the Odeon for the Wasasee movement and is looking forward to the future in professional music. He has continued to write music while looking for like-minded individuals in Yorkton (where he recently moved) to start a band. Starting a band has allowed him to be free to expand and try new things with his music. He still continues to play in the Annual Aboriginal Music Festival happening in Saskatoon where he uses to opportunity to showcase his original works. 
Angus has been very consistent with his love of music as shown in his resume, musical accomplishments, and network. He will continue to strive for his goal of professionally recording his original music in hopes that other people going through the same struggles will get touched by his music.