Winsome Kind

Categories: Groups and Duos, Songwriters/Composers

Genres: Cover Artist - Multi Genre, Folk, Holiday and Christmas, Pop


Leora Perrie
Regina, SK


There’s no mistaking the chemistry of husband and wife duo, Winsome Kind. Scott and Leora’s love story is almost as beautiful as their music, which is filled with luxurious harmonies and heartwarming lyrics.

“…flawless vocal duets..." (Elysse Cloma, Grayowl Point)

“The folk-pop affair is rife with vibrant harmonies, and there's a candy store's worth of sweet melodies.” (Andrea Warner, CBC) 

“…the vocals warm you like sunshine, melting over your shoulders and then sinking into your heart... “ (Geyser Music)



  • Winsome Kind

    Various Artists

    October 2014

  • We Call It Home

    Various Artists

    August 2018


  • Something More