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The Horse’s Mouth is from Humboldt, SK. The band got their start in Feb. 1998 and their mutual love of music has kept them together for over 20 yrs. Lead singer, Andy McAnally, hails from Northern Ireland and it has been his love for the music of Northern Ireland that steered the band’s direction. Andy plays guitar, bouzouki, mandolin and bodhran.  Sharing lead vocals is Bob Henderson who plays guitar, bodhran and penny whistles. Margaret Henderson plays penny whistles, accordion and does back up vocals. Dave Martinuk plays violin, viola, bodhran and does vocals. The band plays Celtic/Irish Traditional and Canadian East Coast music and their compositions encompass genres such as blues and light rock, or as they call it, Celtic Eclectic.  

The Horse's Mouth have played at many different venues including Kinsmen Telemiracle, Regina Celtic Winter Festival, Flatland Music Festival, several benefits in the Humboldt area, Saskatoon Jazz Festival, Irish Pavilion at Saskatoon Folk Festival, CBC Afternoon Edition, plus pubs, halls and parks throughout SK and Manitoba. 

The Horse’s Mouth released their first cd “Straight From” in 2001 and are happy to announce their second cd “Horsin’ Around” featuring 16 songs, 9 that are their own compositions, released Nov., 2019.  Unfortunately Covid-19 has put a hold on concerts and touring for 2020 but they are hoping to stay well, get their music out via radio and the internet and get back to playing live when provincial guidelines permit.  Music is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Google, You Tube, Tic Toc and Amazon.





  • Straight From

    Various Artists

    August 2001

    The Horse's Mouth's first cd was released in 2001 and featured 14 songs, 12 that are covers, 2 are compositions by lead singer (and historian) Andy McAnally, Uisce Batha and Jacobite Lament : 1. A Place in the Choir, 2. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy/Give Me Your hand, 3. Marie's Wedding/I'll Tell Me Ma, 4. Rhythm of the Goat/Humours of Tuamgreine/Rakes of Kildare, 5. Uisce Batha, 6. Patrick Was a Gentleman/Blackbird, 7. The Wind That Shakes the Barley, 8. Back Home in Derry, 9. Star of the County Down, 10. Julia Delaney, 11, She Moved Through the Fair, 12, Jacobite Lament, 13. Lord of the Dance, 14. Dick Darby. 




  • Horsin' Around

    Various Artists

    November 2019

    The Horse's Mouth's cd, Horsin' Around, was released Nov., 2019 with 16 songs in all, 6 that are covers and 9 are compositions covering several genres such as Contemporary, Blues, Light Rock along with their usual Irish Traditional & Canadian East Coast style Celtic music, prompting the term Celtic Eclectic to describe the cd's genre. Andy McAnally, the band's most prolific writer, has composed 5 songs for the album including The Clarkboro Ferry Blues, Life's Too Short, Irish Dancer, 30 Long Years (Remembering Jean McConville) and Humboldt Strong. Bob Henderson added 3 of his songs with Earth Is An Island, Smile and I've Been Around.  Margaret Henderson contributed her light hearted song about dog walking The Dog Walking Waltz.




Clarkboro Ferry Blues

From Straight From

Earth is an Island

From Straight From