Cole Backlund

Categories: Solo Artists, Songwriters/Composers

Genres: Alternative


Cole Backlund
Saskatoon, SK


Alternative singer/songwriter

... Bringing thoughts alive through the lyrics and melodies I write... would be my cliché artist description... 

... However, I do believe if you just listen you'll hear what you're missing... 

... and finally, I try not to take myself too seriously because at the end of the day it is just music...

Debut Album: Just Listen 

The album leans towards the Alternative-Rock(ish) and Singer/Songwriter genres... For the best experience I recommend listening LOUD and do not shuffle... 

Album Credits:
Produced by: Cole Backlund, Glenn Ens*
Written by: Cole Backlund
Art Work: Genelle Amber Studios
Mixed and Engineered by: Glenn Ens
Mastered by: Case Mastering Saskatoon SK Recorded at: Audio Art Recording Saskatoon SK
Drums/percussion: Glenn Ens
Keyboards: Glenn Ens, Sheldon Corbett, Cole Backlund
Bass: Sheldon Corbett, Glenn Ens, Cole Backlund
Lead guitar: Cole Backlund, Dale Swiston**
Rhythm guitar: Cole Backlund
*Nonsense, Restless, Standing; produced by: Cole Backlund, Glenn Ens, Sheldon Corbett
**Lead guitar; Nonsense, Restless, Standing (Dale Swistun)

Special thanks to Family and Friends for their support...