Cole Backlund

Categories: Solo Artists, Songwriters/Composers

Genres: Alternative, Blues, Folk, Rock


Cole Backlund
Saskatoon, SK


If you were to ask me to define my music I would like to answer; "It is what it is". However, the longer more introspective description would be; I'm an artist who combines the Alternative and Singer Songwriter genres to bring to life my exploration of musical themes and styles.

Emerging from a place of nowhere my journey to this point is as unique as they come:

Never told a soul that I wanted to pursue music as a career until life put things into perspective.

A self taught musician who had never played with other musicians until my first recording session.

Released my first A side B side single "When the Clock Strikes Now / Change (Solo Acoustic)" just days after joining social media for the first time in May 2019. My motivation comes from a passion (bordering on obsession) to write and create.

I plan to share these creations with you for years to come so to you the listener I say, thank you.



When the Clock Strikes Now

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Change (Solo Acoustic)

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Take me to Yourself

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Holding On

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