Odin Sound Audio Productions

Categories: Post Production/Mastering, Studios

Genres: Country, Jazz, Rock


Sean Folk
Regina, SK

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Odin Sound is a small project studio geared towards music production.  If you are looking for recording, mixing or mastering, Odin Sound has you covered.  Are you a producer or creator who wants to take their sound to the next level, but can't afford to rent the big console studio to get it done? We have what you need.

  The Pro Tools™HD based studio has a small but sufficient, full live room with ample acoustic treatment.  The room can accommodate a full drum kit, comes with 16 mic inputs feeding the patch-bay, one 4 channel headphone amplifier and several high end speaker cabinets. The mic locker contains the likes of the AKG™ 414xls, the Sennheiser™ 441, the Lauten Audio™ LA220 fet or LA320 tube condenser and many more.  In the control room you will find several classic tube amps, a master monitor controller with talk-back, extra headphone amplifiers, bass amps, pedalboards and a hand full of ready to rock finely tuned instruments at your disposal! 

  The studio is equipped with mic preamps from Warm Audio™, Audient™, Toft Audio™, Summit Audio™ and may more. Analog tube equalizers, 1176 compressors all patched in to 32 A/D converters to accommodate any external gear you can throw at it. Analog to digital conversion is handled by an Antelope Audio™ Orion 32HD which has onboard FPGA FX© modelling, housing vintage gear such as the Neumann™ 492 or BAE™ 1084 and 1073 equalizers. Select from classics like the Empirical Labs™ Distressor, DBX™ 160 or Altec™ 436c or compressors all modelled in real time!  All these effects can be used as "hardware" inserts in the DAW or on as a part of your front end signal chain with next to zero round trip latency for monitoring. 

   If you're not an analog guy or you just want to use the studio to mix or master your project in the box, don't fret!  We have all the latest plugins from Waves, Steven Slate, Sound Toys, Plugin Alliance and more. If there is a plugin you need to finish your project, we'll buy it at no extra charge to you!

 Email us at seanfolk@hotmail.com, call or text to 306 737 6459 to book your time or just come down, have a coffee, check out the studio and lets talk music!