Kalem Moses AKA Big Mo

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Genres: Indigenous-Identifying, Urban


Kalem Moses
345 Oxford Street West
Moose Jaw , SK, S6H 2P1

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Hi everyone, my name is Kalem Moses AKA Big Mo. I am a new upcoming artist from Moose Jaw, I am also a recovering addict, 18 months clean from all substances. I’ve had a love for music ever since I was a little kid, growing into my teenage years I started falling in love with hiphop. Age sixteen I started trying to learn how to freestyle and continued that for 4 years until I started taking it to the next level and started learning to write music. Throughout the 4 years after 2012, I continued to work and practice my craft. Between being heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol and having two babies, I was on and off of music. I started trying to get clean after losing custody of my kids 2016, I found recovery and fell back in love with music. Working with Jared Robinson over the 2 years on and off, starting in spring 2018 I decided to start working hard at it and with Jared. Summer of 2018 I performed my first time on a stage, performing a couple times after that, I released my first album “Gift Of Desperation” October 16th 2018. Not to long after that I had the opportunity to open for Classified on his Canadian Classic Tour on November 10th 2018, following not to long after I had my very first mini tour in Alberta headlining 5 shows out of 7, by now I’ve done 11 shows this year, headlining 7 of them. With a great opportunity to open for the Game in Regina at the start of the year of 2019, I am also looking for more opportunities. So if yourself or anyone you know, knows of any shows or festivals looking for hard working determined and highly ambitious hiphop artists please contact me. Here is a few links to my first album, social media and a video teaser from my song Spiritual Awakening featured by Samantha Cole and produced by Saskatchewan’s Jared Robinson.

Instagram: @Kalem_Moses_Music,                        @BigMoMusic

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  • Gift Of Desperation

    Various Artists

    October 2018

    This is my first released hiphop album released October 16th 2018. This whole album is based on my own personal experience and thoughts and opinions. Mainly directing your attention to the struggles of addiction for the last ten years, to finding the Gift Of Desperation and myself in recovery. The challenges one goes threw trying to learn a new way of life in recovery after years of addiction and living unhealthy, to what life is like now for me. I hope you enjoy please let me know what you think, I also have hard copies for sale. You can reach me on my Facebook page or Instagram Kalem Moses Music and or Big Mo Music