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Genres: Indigenous-Identifying, Urban


Roberto Pooyak
Saskatoon, SK

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Hailing from the Plains Cree First Nation & Chilean bloodlines, Yellowsky (Born Roberto Andres Pooyak) is arguably one of the most prominent, important Indigenous rappers rocking in Canada right now. His flow to massive, bottom end-heavy beats pay homage to the grimy city life of the most classic of hip-hop music while his elastic, malleable delivery harken to the traditions of both classic Jamaican deejaying and more modern MC styles. There's a real rebellious nature that fuels Yellowsky's music. “I was raised by residential school survivors – my late mother and all my aunties. That's where I get my rebel side,” remarks Yellowsky on his rebellious nature. Since 2008, he is Canada’s first ever Indigenous Reggae artist.

To date, he has opened up for Reggae and Hip Hop artists such as Mike Love (Victoria, BC - 2017), Tony Matterhorn (Saskatoon, SK - 2009), Hopsin (Saskatoon - 2017), Madchild (Saskatoon - 2016), Machine Gun Kelly (Saskatoon - 2017), Riff Raff (Saskatoon - 2017), Trooper (Alexis First Nation - 2018) and his cousin, Joey Stylez (2016 - Present). On December 13th, 2017, he released his first official album MIXED MEDICINE, independantly under Stressed Street Entertainment, Taking It Global & Skunk Funk. The debut earned him the "Best New Artist" nomination at the 2018 Indigenous Music Awards in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Cementing his artistic debut in both Canadian Reggae & Hip Hop, he has managed to gain attention throughout North America, parts of Europe and South America while developing a strong conscious towards political, social and religious views. He continues to write and produce his music since the age of 13 which blends together his diverse background and ideologies. Where a lot of positive hip-hop starts to lose some of its sharpness, Yellow is making positive music that still retains an exhilarating edge. 
He has played the Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival in BC in 2017 and returned this year in June to perform (Lucky Bar w/ Bousada) and speak/facilitate an intimate workshop titled "Music & Resistence." He’s a regular at Saskatoon’s Reggae & World Music Festival, playing it numerous times since 2011.

This year, The Rebel of the Plains is featured on Joey Stylez’ April 2018 album “The Star Chief” on the song “Do’s And Don’ts” alongside actor and rising pop artist Carsen Gray. As well as on the haunting tune “The Flock” featuring Benz and Bird. All in preparation for a nationwide tour. EXL Entertainment & the Recording Arts Institute of Saskatoon also released the mini-documentary “Yellowsky: Rise Of A Rebel” on February 21st at the Roxy Theatre in his hometown and on YouTube. This year has been quite the year for the rising star. Having toured the West Coast twice in the last couple years, to performing in First Nation communities across Canada from BC to Newfoundland & Labrador in 2018, Yellowsky sees no end in sight.