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Emma Jean Anderson
1545 13th St. W
Prince Albert, SK, S6V 3J7

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A peanut butter and post punk sandwich here to satisfy your hunger for raw authentic rock and roll spirit!  Rymestone, a four-piece from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan says the crunchier the better.

Boasting a high energy stage show, and at once both feral and operatic female vocals, this group has a uniquely stirring swagger that is immediately apparent. 

Rymestone released their debut album, Neighbourhood, in 2019 with Reservoir Recordings, and is currently in the studio recording for their next project TBA.


  • Reservoir Recording Surprise Drops

    Reservoir Recording Surprise Drops "Take My Name" by Their New Artist, BNSN & Company

    July 3, 2020

    Charles Benson aka. BNSN & Company, announced in June that he had joined the label of Reservoir Recording alongside other artists Rymestone, which are based out of Prince Albert, Sk. Producers Dr Jhay and South_West are featured on the track, which Reservoir Recording Dropped on July 3rd, unexpectedly, exclusively on their youtube channel, which is straight up, West Coast vibes in Treaty 6 Territory. Hip-Hop and Poetry for the Ears straight from witchekan Lake reserve, BNSN has a story of overcoming abuse, addiction and the loss of a leg, which he embodies into the passion he puts into his performance. His album "The Vision" to be dropped........soonish.  

    Take a listen to the track here: https://youtu.be/9Zvw1_Bx12o 

    More from Rservoir Recordings: https://www.facebook.com/ReservoirRecording/

  • Rymestone's new single

    Rymestone's new single "Robotic" available March 8th.

    March 5, 2019

    Led by the highly energetic and intense presence of Emma Jean Anderson, Rymestone will be releasing their newest single, "Robotic", March 8th. 

    "Robotic" has vocal hints of Ian Astbury in the more ardent moments of the track. The rhythm section has that nice laid back, chilled, narcotic feel; it could get loose and messy but anchors nicely which keeps everything tied together. Like the rug in the Big Lebowski! Really ties the room together! It has modern elements sonically but a retro production sensibility which is an interesting combination.

    Inspired by the wild tranquility of the woods, love, lust, the soft darkness before dawn, truth, poetry that wants to kill you, and electricity. Rymestone exerts nuances of post punk, grunge and even a taste of folk/Indie.

    For bookings and interviews: rymestonemusic@gmail.com

    For more about Rymestone: Click Here




  • Lifeboat

    Song: Lifeboat

    Artist: Rymestone

    Album: Neighbourhood (2019 Reservoir Recordings)

    Animation: rotoscope by Emma Jean, scenes from Baywatch S1 E18.