Total Imaginary Mind Experience

Categories: Musicians: Bass, Musicians: Drums/Percussion, Musicians: Guitar, Musicians: Vocalist, Solo Artists

Genres: Alternative, Blues, Rock


Daniel Espelien
1708 McCormick Cres.
Estevan, SK, S4A 1W3

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BEHOLD! The Scourge of Estevan....The Sorrow of Pleasantdale....TOTAL IMAGINARY MIND EXPERIENCE! A new fangled alternative blues artist representing the dark & dissonant, the wacky & tacky, and the sweet & sassy augmentations of a mind trapped in the Saskatchewan Void!!



  • The Devil's Flame

    Various Artists

    August 2016

    ~~All songs written and recorded by Stanley Hartman (BMI) and Daniel Espelien (SOCAN)
     Dan - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
     Stan - Drums

     Recorded In Olympia, Washington, U.S.A and
     Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada.
     Mixed and mastered by Dan

     Label: The Grow Show

    all rights reserved

  • Farm Trout

    Various Artists

    July 2017

    The second full length album from Total Imaginary Mind Experience.


    All songs written by Daniel Espelien (SOCAN) and Stanley Hartman (BMI)

  • Declasse

    Various Artists

    December 2017

    ~~Wow the third full album in one year, and this one is a doozy! Once again Total Imaginary Mind Experience is bringing fourth an album, unique un to itself. Delving deep into the mind of one of it's two mildly disturbed creators. Declasse is a must have!

    released December 1, 2017 

    Dan Espelien (Socan)
     Stan Hartman (BMI)

    all rights reserved

  • Parlour Hicks

    Various Artists

    May 2018

    ~~All songs written and recorded by Dan Robert Espelien (SOCAN) and Stanley Francis Hartman (BMI). Produced by Daniel Espelien.


  • 1984

    The first single off the Parlour Hicks album by Total Imaginary Mind Experience