Theresa Sokyrka

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Genres: Folk, Jazz, Pop


Theresa Sokyrka
Saskatoon, SK


Theresa Sokyrka is a Canadian singer songwriter based in Saskatoon. She became a brief household name in 2004 as Canadian Idol runner up. Her independently released debut album “These Old Charms” was shockingly granted gold status a month after its release, selling over 70,000 CDs, which was an incredible feat those days. The album was more shockingly nominated for Best Pop Album of the Year in the 2006 JUNOs although Sokyrka considers it a jazz album.

She bought a house in Saskatoon and followed music around the world for several years. Her next release was an album of originals, “Something is Expected,” that dropped September 2006, selling 10,000 units. Produced by Mike Timmins, John Collins and David Carswell, the album was a great balance of live off the floor,spontaneous moments to popped up melodies with hooks and click tracks. The digital age was taking hold and industry album sales were plummeting but Sokyrka kept hanging on, although most people would have no idea.

Sokyrka has released a total of 5 albums in her 13 year long career, each one selling less than the next. A totally awesome Christmas album called “Wrapped in Ribbon” in 2007 was an attempt to recreate versions of Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas arrangements, even using a vintage U47 Neumann ribbon mic to record vocals.

While living in Montreal, Sokyrka released her fourth album, a collection of Ukrainian folk songs that was recorded with Benoit Morier in 2010. Even for non-Ukrainian ears the album is a hit, featuring the violin virtuoso Carissa Klopoushak.

Sokyrka's latest release was 2013's “Prairie Winds,” a collection of original songs which was recorded and mastered in Madrid in 7 days, free from edits and as pure as the driven snow.

Three years ago Sokyrka happily returned to living life in Saskatoon after 10 years of travelling the globe and living in Toronto and Montreal. She lives modestly with her husband, son, two cats and dog. Putting music on the back burner since her last release, there's just no denying that this kid can sing and that creating is unavoidable. She continues to prove to her fans old and new that though it's been 13 years since a reality TV show found her in Saskatchewan, Sokyrka is sticking around for the long haul, you might just have to dig a little.