Alien to the Ignorant

Categories: Groups and Duos, Musicians: Bass, Musicians: Drums/Percussion, Musicians: Guitar, Musicians: Vocalist

Genres: Alternative, Rock


Swade Orchard
Box 130
Delisle, SK, S0L 0P0

Mobile: (306) 370-0058


Alien to the Ignorant (commonly referred to as ATI) first formed in October of 2015 with members Swade Orchard (Guitar/Lead Vocals/Songwriter), Jordan Gall (Drums), and Jason Gall (Bass) in Hafford, SK. Despite living in Delisle, SK, Orchard became compelled by the newly formed friendships and shared passion for writing music and decided to make the trip out to Hafford as often as possible. Myk Ulan-Hohol (Bass) joined the bunch after Jason took on a more fitting secondary guitar role. Alien to the Ignorant culminates influences such as Billy Talent, Sum 41, and The Fall of Troy with the styles of old-school rock and roll bands like Led Zeppelin and The Raconteurs.



  • Irrelevance - EP

    Various Artists

    April 2017


  • The Lonely Lumberjack

    Shot in one day with zero budget in Hafford, SK.

    Starring Alien to the Ignorant

    Directed by Swade Orchard

    DOP: Joshua Budhanlall

    Edited by Joshua Budhanlall