Anna Marie Bekolay

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Anna Bekolay
Saskatoon, SK

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Anna Marie Bekolay is a music teacher, an adjudicator, and a performer: a soprano, violinist, and recorder player who performs with many ensembles primarily in and around Saskatoon, SK - with some occasional touring thrown into the mix. Her musical interests are varied and this shows in the types of ensembles she performs with. It also shows in the variety of people she works with in Anna Bekolay's Studio teaching Voice, Violin, and Recorder lessons to anyone age 4 and up (it's never too late to start a new instrument or to get further instruction to extend your abilities!).

Her current projects include: Back of the Bus (Celtic Folk Band), Mac Talla Quartet (classical, Pop, String Quartet with singing added in), Phantasma (New!! Operatic Epic Rock & Metal), Anna Maria Soparlo (soprano soloist - stage name) & CD: Songs In Loving Memory of My Father, The Stephanies (Pop, Folk Trio), Troubadours du Bois (Medieval and Renaissance mixed ensemble), The Whiskey Jerks (Klezmer, Jazz, Folk-Rock Band), and a variety of freelance collaborations including performances with Flamenco Borealis and Free Flow Dance, a recent retirement party that involved some music from the musical, “Billy Elliot”, and a Fringe play, “Brel!” (July, 2017), based on the music of Jacques Brel – where she was both musical director and performer. Ms Bekolay’s singing was also featured recently at the 2017 Saskatchewan Wearable Art Gala in the collaborative presentation of the wearable art piece, “Faceted Wings” by Nadine Jaggi.