Violent Betty

Categories: Groups and Duos

Genres: Alternative, Rock


Kenzie Darling
Saskatoon, SK

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Violent Betty is a Saskatoon-based heavy rock band with thrash and punk roots. The frontwoman leads the show with power and rage, the heavy bass thunders, the guitar solos rip, and the drums pound.

Since launching in 2014, they have self-recorded and released two EPs, "Demolishment" and "15 mins or less".



  • 15 Mins or Less

    Various Artists

    November 2017

    A short and punky EP with metal touches and a surprising acoustic track at the end.

    Good for fans of: Gob, the Offspring

  • Demolishment

    Various Artists

    June 2016

    A heavy, self-recorded and released collection of songs.

    Great for fans of any heavy rock band.


  • Skid Row

    From the 2017 EP "15 min or less".

  • Killing Fields

    The lost song from "Demolishment" EP.

  • Violent Betty

    Track 2 from Violent Betty's debut EP "Demolishment". Grunge punk metal from the prairies!