Ryan Hicks

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Ryan Hicks
2864 Rae Street
Regina, SK, S4S 1R3

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Ryan Hicks makes melodic, cinematic alt-pop music. If McCartney, Brian Wilson and Fleet Foxes made music for David Lynch. Ryan Hicks is a singer/songwriter from Regina. Ryan has been performing in a number of musical ventures as a vocalist, guitarist, bassist and occasional harmonica player for over 15 years. 

Ryan's debut album, Praire Ocean was released to great success in the summer of 2014.  The concept of the album is Ryan’s story of growing up having two homes. While born and raised in Saskatchewan, Ryan has a large family in California. Through his life he spent most summers living the California dream of beautiful beaches and sun and coming home to Saskatchewan and riding his bike out on the prairies.

This album is a love letter to both Saskatchewan and California. The album has been successful and is regularly played on CBC and community radio, as well as being available on all major streaming sites. 

Half of the album deals with a prairie theme and then the album travels south to California.Prairie Ocean is a roots pop album filled with beautiful melodies, harmonies that pay tribute to surf music and Canadiana. “Keep On Moving” tells the tale of returning home with pounding drums and strings in the background. “The Same Air” reminds us that despite our differences, we all breathe the same air. “I-5”, the heaviest track on the album, explodes as a musical journey down the I-5 freeway in California. The Prairie Ocean album and "Katepwa Lake" ringtone are now available on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/prairie-ocean/id894684181

Ryan maintains a very active live performance schedule performing solo, as a duo, a band or instrumental music. 

Ryan is currently producing and recording his follow-up album which will be released in early-2018.

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  • Ryan Hicks

    Ryan Hicks' "Dream/Sunset"

    Directed by Ryan Hicks

    Filmed in Palm Springs, Huntington Beach California and Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

    From Ryan Hicks' new album, Dream, available now