Joel Gambito, Solo Artist.

Categories: Musicians: Bass, Musicians: Guitar, Musicians: Vocalist, Solo Artists, Songwriters/Composers

Genres: Cover Artist - Multi Genre, Folk, Pop, Rock


215 Stone Terrace
Martensville , SK, S0K 0A2

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Mobile: Show phone number


Hi everyone ! I'm Joel Gambito, 42 of age, Filipino nationality and a Canadian Citizen, living in Martensville, Saskatoon Saskatchewan, i'm a solo artist and also have a band, but i can do solo performances to 1 hr to 2 hrs, 10-15 cover hit songs or some of my composition, my genre of music are Pop Rock, Classic Rock, Slow Rock, R&B, Folk Song alternative Rock. My kind of instruments are Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass guitar.  I'm available every weekend , you can check my performances in our Facebook page just type CODE RED 12®, or in YouTube just type JOEL GAMBITO. Here's my Contact number 306-8501467, email add, thanks to everyone! Have a blessed day!