The Strange Valentines

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Genres: Adult Contemporary, Alternative, Folk, Rock


Janet Mills
2877 Montague St
Regina , SK, S4S 1Z3

Mobile: (306) 550-7722


New to Saskatchewan, the duo 'The Strange Valentines' combine folk influences from Nova Scotia, with rock originating from Australia. These two change instruments frequently including guitar, banjo, keyboards and mandolin for a fresh sound with sweet harmonies.


  • The Strange Valentines: New Album Coming!!

    The Strange Valentines: New Album Coming!!

    January 31, 2017

    'Folkin Rock for Rockin Folk' will be the fourth album for 'The Strange Valentines' and this effort represents somewhat of a shift in style for the duo. Perhaps the recent move to Saskatchewan is responsible as many of the songs appear to have prairie inspirations. The music is somewhat of a musical mix of folk, rock, blues, and plays with great guitar, mandolin and banjo sounds. The two vocalists each sing main vocals and/or rich harmonies over a range of styles. Twelve songs on the album include themes of involving small towns, cold weather, jerks of the world, life in Saskatchewan, and a spider. It's a fun album and worth a listen. Due to be released in February/March 2017.


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  • The Snoop Sisters

    Here's a song about two wonderful ladies who were affectionately known as the 'Snoop Sisters' as they drove a yellow Turcell all over town attending various card parties and tea drinking excursions. It is a preview song from our upcoming album, due to be released shortly. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it.

  • Cold Winter Blues

    Here's a live version of a single from the album 'Folkin Rock for Rockin Folk' being released on March 25. Recorded, mixed and edited by Brent Nielsen and shot at Sawchyn Guitars. 

  • I Hope the Riders Win Tonight

    Latest video 'I Hope the Riders Win Tonight' from the album 'Folkin Rock for Rockin Folk' about basing important life direction sort of decisions on the outcome of a Riders game. Go Riders!

    Camera by Hartland Jessome and Brent Nielsen and edited by Brent Nielsen, shot in Regina.