Risen Sun

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Genres: Alternative, Electronica, Urban


Richard MacInnis
1626 Argyle Avenue
Saskatoon, SK, S7H 2W7

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Risen Sun was Dick MacInnis' pseudonym from 2002-2004 while he created primarily alternative edm and hip hop.



  • The Music In My Head

    Various Artists

    July 2003

    This 2003 album was Dick MacInnis’ first official release under the pseudonym “Risen Sun”. It’s heavily electronic in its production, and features pop songs and more progressive numbers alike.

  • Every Bit Of Silence

    Various Artists

    July 2004

    This 2004 Risen Sun album (Dick MacInnis’ electronic pop pseudonym) is a collection of songs that were cut from the final playlists of “The Blanks” and “The Music In My Head”

  • The Blanks

    Various Artists

    July 2005

    This 2002 album was initially not released until after “The Music In My Head”. Recorded under the pseudonym “Risen Sun”, this album was Dick MacInnis’ first full length album, his first self produced recording, and a must have for collectors.