Stereo Playground

Categories: Groups and Duos, Songwriters/Composers

Genres: Alternative, Rock


Justin Vany
PO Box 3034
Battleford, SK, S0M 0E0

Mobile: (306) 441-5727


Started back in July of 2010... Stereo Playground has been on been on a journey to conquer the world with good looks, charismatic charm and the power of ROCK!!!!

Reaching from Unity to North Battleford and back to good ol Wilkie, Sask. Stereo Playground takes the new and the old, blends it together and serves it up tasty enough to knock the walker out of your grandmas nimble little fingers.

With music to fill a night of covers or a night of home grown originals 

With the recent release of Stereo Playgrounds debut EP.. Members of the band are giving it rave reviews! "This is the best I've ever heard"..... "WOW I CANT BELIEVE WHAT IM HEARING" and "You cant live without owning this album" are just a few of the words that have been tossed around to describe what is only the first stop on the journey that is.........*dramatic pause and suspense building music.....*..... STEREO PLAYGROUND.....