Matt Hunter | One More Troubadour

Categories: Musicians: Guitar, Musicians: Other, Solo Artists, Songwriters/Composers

Genres: Alternative, Folk, Religious/Inspirational/Spiritual, Sound Art


Matt Hunter
Regina, SK


Once upon a time, there was a typical farm kid from rural Saskatchewan. As music was a common pastime in generations before him, guitar was a natural hobby.

An avid music lover, his focus has evolved over the years, never quite conforming to one style. Influences include Folk, Metal, Country, Latin, R&B, Oldies, Pop, and everything in between. This wide range of musical interest becomes even more dynamic with each voyage around the country and globe.

Expression is our way of interpreting things that are bigger than ourselves. Some people channel those experiences into journals; sometimes, with words; others, film. Some keep it inside forever. Matt's method is through guitar. Intrigue, stress, joy, pain, sadness... whatever might be difficult to articulate with words... are found in these audible meditative outlets. The names of the tunes hint at the theme, but you can always email for more info behind them. Today, his style fits most closely with the "fingerstyle" genre. Much of what you'll hear is original, with a few covers (and covers of covers) thrown in, sometimes enhanced with loop tracks and beatpads.

Matt Hunter is the artist. Guitar is the medium. The result is one more person telling stories through music. The result is One More Troubadour.

acoustic | instrumental | guitar | fingerstyle | tapping | alternative tunings | looping | effects