Cole Assman

Categories: Engineers, Post Production/Mastering, Sound and Light

Genres: Alternative, Inspirational or Spiritual, Pop, Rock


Cole Assman
Saskatoon, SK

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Cole Assman is a professional audio engineer based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In 2016, he attended the Recording Arts Institute of Saskatoon, where he studied audio engineering and graduated with honours.

Cole works as a freelance audio engineer for various companies such as PR Productions and Tri Sonic Sound.

He also enjoys working as a FOH engineer for multiple bands including Brody Siebert, Justin Labrash, and Brock Andrews. In 2016, Cole started his own business, Contrast Recording, providing audio recording and mixing, location audio, and post production for TV/Film. Through this business, he has gained much experience working with many types of artists - from singer/songwriter to full bands, covering a variety of genres.

Cole has a passion to bring out the best in every project he works on. He is dedicated to helping every client achieve a professional and high-quality final product.