Madison Nicol

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Genres: Folk


Madison Nicol
2902 Harding Street
Regina, SK, S4V 0Y4

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I'm a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter that is looking to do session work as well as live gigs for other artists in addition to playing shows under my own name. My primary instrument is guitar but I also play bass, piano, mandolin, banjo, and lap steel guitar. Finger-style guitar is my strong suit, but I also play music in a country/folk rock style. I'm a singer as well, and have experience doing both lead vocals in addition to singing harmony with others.

I attended Musicians Institute where I studied guitar performance, and Berklee College of Music where I studied songwriting. I'm able to read and write music as well as learn by ear. I also have experience arranging music for a band. If you want to hear some of my original music where I play all of the instruments that I listed above, click on the website link to my Bandcamp page. There you'll find two EPs worth of original material in a variety of styles (acoustic pop, ballad, bluegrass, country-rock, singer-songwriter). I played and recorded all the instruments on the songs, so they should give you an idea of the kind of things I'm capable of doing.