Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch

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Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
Regina, SK


I write songs that change the world.

special interest: youth empowerment





  • Think Music Album Release

    Think Music Album Release

    August 29, 2016

    Think Music Album Notes

    Cover songs with originals to spice it up. Welcome to my landscape of music.

    Music Producer: Peter Pearlson
    Vocal Lead: Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch
    Piano: Vinny Ortell
    Sax/Flute: Heinrick Abrahams
    VIolin: Piet de Beer
    Banjo: Johann Visser
    Cello: Dane Coetzee
    Bass Guitar: Schalk van Der Merwe
    Guitar: Floris le Roux
    Drums & Percussion: Kevin Gibson

    Program notes, Photography and cover song choice: Shiloh Noone
    Graphic Design: Anja van Wyk Burger

    When I first met Marthie, here eyes alive and sparkling with creativity, I realized her only folly would be a conservative upbringing which may have excluded her from the more esoteric songs of the flower-power heyday. After she heard that I had received a 4 star Rolling Stone review on my book she asked me if I would assist and in all honesty was slightly resistant, knowing quite well that I have lost more
    than gained in my artistic honesty. For those that know Martie, 'a no does not exist', so relentlessly I withered through my collection to find holy grail that may have never been covered in SA, I mean God forbid another cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"? Marthie's heart was holistically an artist but by day a therapy nurse and mother, so trapped between that chaotic and very busy discourse I put her onto
    the esteemed producer Peter Pearlson who had worked with U2 and Brian Eno, amongst others. The first up was Bill Fay's organic "Garden Song" , an artist who is now now receiving the same Halcyon as the latent Rodriguez and may I say even Fay was impressed.

    I was particularly touched by Martie's superb renditions of Sally Oldfield's songs, a songsmith whose time signatures are rather difficult while her jazzy version of the Doors classic "Summers Almost Gone" spreads its daisy chain beautifully, albeit too joyfully into the heart of this endearing album. The finest has to be her pristine cover of Tim Hardin's "How Can We Hang onto a Dream", most of you heard it from ELP? The ramification of her speedy version of Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" nearly had me at loggerheads with my longtime friend Peter Pearlson, notwithstanding Martie storming off. I can still hear myself saying,- but he was aching and suffering in the shadows, you have to feel the ache. Needless to say I bowed down to time restraints and budgets and stomached my disapproval, which no doubt they will hear for their rest of their lives if I have my way. We have something very special here , perhaps for the chosen few, so buy this album before its too late.

    FMR Radio Presenter/ author Shiloh Noone



  • Think Music

    Various Artists

    December 2015

    Uncovered covers and originals



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