Grimelda (Formerly Known as The Faps)

Categories: Groups and Duos

Genres: Alternative, Rock


Skyler Cafferata
Saskatoon, SK

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The Faps (Now known as Grimelda) have been a long time coming. Since their early teens, Blair Colwell and Skyler Cafferata have been exploring the sonic landscape with little boundaries. Working together in the indie-punk outfit, Go Jeff!!!, and apart in projects ranging from acoustic folk to thrashy skate-punk, they each developed a distinct musical perspective that is both broad and focused. Drawing influence from the likes of Q and not U, Liars, and Nick Cave, Grimelda throw out catchy, eclectic post-punk noise arranged in whatever way they see fit - raw, heavy and strange. Lyrics come from both parties and cover a lot of ground; from imaginary murder mysteries to personal life experiences all wrapped up in surreal metaphors, vivid imagery and a touch of humour. For better or worse, this naturally different 2-man band won't go unnoticed.



  • Friends with Benefits

    Various Artists

    The Faps, in their garage punk glory, defy mainstream genres at the best of times. Friends with Benefits gave their friends free reign over the songs resulting in a mosaic of styles and sounds.