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Genres: Alternative, Rock


Skyler Cafferata
118 Copland Court
Saskatoon, SK

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Grimelda is a really really really good band who plays songs that take rock and/or roll to uncharted depths. While their "New Daft Punk" EP (2021, Transistor 66) highlighted collaboration and genre-bending like the world had never seen, "It's So Feeling When You Rock" (2023, Transistor 66) was a collection of absurd classics inspired by the need to claw your way through the dumpster fire in search of FUN. This year, they will elevate beyond earthly terms like "what a cool beat" and "great energy, man." Instead, the art-damaged punk duo plans to present a No Rules effort by bringing numerous co-conspirators to the writing table.

Wow! Just wow. Is this the future of music? Could these two skids from the Canadian prairies be transcending sound? Does this auditory enigma exist outside of our mortal plane? Or are we all simply regressing into hell? Never find out by catching this ineffable aural monster in every single town on Earth for the rest of eternity.



  • Friends with Benefits

    Various Artists

    The Faps, in their garage punk glory, defy mainstream genres at the best of times. Friends with Benefits gave their friends free reign over the songs resulting in a mosaic of styles and sounds.