Jesse Brown

Categories: Musicians: Keyboard/Piano, Songwriters/Composers

Genres: Blues, Classical, Jazz, Pop


Jesse Brown
335 Coldspring Cres
Saskatoon, SK, S7J 3M9

Phone: (306) 956-2024
Mobile: (306) 371-7301


Jesse Brown is a pianist/composer/teacher who has worked out of his independent studio since 2006. His resumé includes performances with Wide Mouth Mason, Joel Grundahl Band, Eileen Laverty and the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra just to name a few. Jesse has released 2 full length solo piano albums (December, 2012, and Heartwork, 2014) as well as having had his Heartwork compositions published and approved for use in the Conservatory Canada Syllabus.




  • Jesse Brown Performs With Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra

    Jesse Brown Performs With Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra

    March 3, 2016

    Jesse Brown performed Special Moon from his full length solo piano album Heartwork with the SSO as part of the Eileen Laverty pops series performance at TCU place in Saskatoon in October 2015 to coincide with the release of his Heartwork piano songbook. The Heartwork (14 advanced piano solos) song book has been published and is distributed by Debra Wanless Music, and all 14 songs have been approved by Conservatory Canada for use in examinations from grades 7 to 10. The Heartwork Songbook can be purchased online through, or through your favourite print music retailer. 




  • Still

    Various Artists

    November 2017

    Still is Saskatchewan pianist/composer Jesse Brown’s fourth release of solo piano, and his second EP this year. Similar in character to his “Trilogy” EP, Brown’s recording technique involves an extremely close mic positioning to give you the feeling of sitting right beside him as he plays. The piano used is a rather small upright piano with the practice pedal engaged, resulting in some unpredictable note releases and key clicks. Recorded in a quaint room with hardwood floors, the recording style gives a very ‘live’ and resonant sound to these beautiful solo compositions.

    Recorded at: home studio, Saskatoon.  Produced by: Jesse Brown. Released: November 18, 2017


Special Moon

From Heartwork