Lunar Lander Dance Commander

Categories: Groups and Duos

Genres: Alternative, Rock


Stephanie Tewksbury
40 Cardinal Crescent
Regina, SK, S4S 4Y5

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Prepare for alt rock domination with the galaxy's ultimate music sensation, Lunar Lander Dance Commander.

This newly formed surf rock quartet has one mission: get the crowd jumpin' with awesome grooves and an out of this world live show.

May the dance be with you.


Lunar Lander Dance Commander is:

Steph "Firecracker" Tewksbury

Donny "The Ripper" Reddekop

Chris "Handsome" Smith

Steve "Afro" McNeil


FUN FACT: LLDC played their first show in September 2015 to a sold out crowd and soon found themselves nominated for Best New Act in the Prairie Dog Magazine's Best of Regina. Far out!!                        



  • Rooftop Renegade Single

    Various Artists

    January 2016

    Lunar Lander Dance Commander's Debut Single "Rooftop Renegade"

  • Liquid Smooth

    Various Artists

    June 2017

    Releasing their debut EP, LLDC is Steph Wilkinson (vox, synth, kazobo), Donny Reddekop (guitar/vocals), Chris Smith (bass/vocals), and Steve McNeil (drums). This far-out dance-rock quartet gets the crowd jumpin’ with awesome grooves and an out-of-this-world live show. The band has been compared to synth-heavy alt-pop ‘80s group The B-52s, but don’t let that fool you; the EP spans several styles from heavier rock sounds to pretty ballads, even incorporating guest violinist Stephanie Greenway-West. A mix of quirky styles bends well to create the space sounds of LLDC. Recorded at: Roman Empire Studios and SoulSound Recordings, Regina. Produced by: David Roman and LLDC.


Rooftop Renegade

From Rooftop Renegade

Free "Soak It In Remix"

From Liquid Smooth