Ty the T-Rex

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Paul Runalls
Saskatoon, SK

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Chris Atkinson and Paul Runalls create songs for children through the voices of colourful dinosaur characters led by Ty The T-Rex in their animated 2D educational cartoon shows and music videos designed for television. Their music “dinomations” appear on City TV, Ameba TV (on line) and Big Centre TV in Birmingham, England.

Songs have received international recognition through the International Song Writing Competition (ISC) based out of Nashville. Two time Finalists and two time Semi-Finalists.



  • Taking Tyme

    Various Artists

    November 2015


Taking Tyme

From Taking Tyme

Bath Time

From Tunes of Ty The T-Rex




  • Music Cartoon of Ty the T-REX

    Ty the T-REX and his friends perform songs from their debut album in the animated world of Dino City - Rudy Raptor, Steffy Stegosaurus and others join Ty in singing and dancing while learning healthy clean messages.  Please visit http://www.amebatv.com/series.html?req=313 or www.tythetrex.com

  • Count With Me

    Disney........started small...... here we come....Animated counting music cartoon with Mo Mosasaur singing with Little Chompy and dinosaur friends. Math and Music - two awesome "M" words for children. Learning to count for preschool children is an important starter for being successful in mathematics during school. Music helps young children become optimistic about learning, counting and mathematics.

  • Wish Wish I Was a Fish

    Animated music cartoon for children (and adults) about the importance of learning to SWIM - Ty the T-REX, Rudy Raptor and his friends encourage all of us to learn to SWIM. Learning to swim is a super important skill for all children and adults - We all should want to become a fish!

  • Don't Rush the Brush - Music Cartoon

    BRUSH your TEETH (and please don't RUSH it)! - Encouraging young ones to brush their teeth (maybe to this song) might be the way to help them brush many times a day. This toe-tapping tune features vocals by Andy Walls as Rudy Rooster (Raptor), Sheldon Corbett on Saxophone, Glenn Ens playing drums, and Paul Runalls on guitar and bass guitar. CHAT PRODUCTIONS makes music cartoons for preschool children to entertain and support their learning development socially, emotionally, and cognitively.