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Chris Atkinson
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We at CHAT Productions support our customers in creating affordable HD animations for them to share socially or privately. We also compose and record original jingles and songs for our clients. That truly is our specialty! We have been awarded 6 semi-finalist and 3 finalist placements in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition and would be honoured to create a jingle/song for you. Finally, we offer live entertainment using our award-winning music to actively engage children in singing, learning and dancing. Our company’s passion is to create and produce family friendly cartoon stories that incorporate award-winning music for the general public to watch, listen, laugh along with, and just quite simply sit back and enjoy!


  • Sask-Produced Song Named Finalist in International Songwriting Competition

    Sask-Produced Song Named Finalist in International Songwriting Competition

    March 25, 2019

    A Saskatchewan-produced children’s song called “Drop Your Phone” composed by Paul Runalls and Chris Atkinson (lyricist) has been named as a finalist in this year’s prestigious International Songwriting Competition (  With almost 19,000 entrants, approximately 2% of all entrants were selected to be finalists within all songwriting genres. The crazy and playful tune is sung by Cam Zoller (Gino the Giraffe) and encourages people to put down their phones and become more in tune with their environment and people around them.

    The songwriting team of Runalls and Atkinson have previously reached the finalist stage on two other occasions with their songs, "Wish Wish I Had a Fish" and "Bath Time".  They are hopeful that their third song is the lucky one.  In addition to their song being judged by a panel of music industry experts, their song is included in the People’s Voice online voting contest.  As the name implies, the finalist song that receives the most votes is crowned the People’s Voice winner – You can listen to their song (and vote for them too) at:  - (4th song down on list)

  • New Animation Takes Off with a

    New Animation Takes Off with a "Plane Ride"

    November 6, 2017

    CHAT PRODUCTIONS is proud to share their latest Saskatchewan produced music cartoon called Plane Ride (Runalls/Atkinson) featuring vocals by Saskatoon's Emma Wood portraying a young girl's first flight experience with excitement, anxiety and relief.  The song includes flute melodies by Regina's Stefan Atkinson.  Sheldon Corbett added keyboards, Glenn Ens provided percussion and Paul Runalls guitars. Check out their latest animation for children (and adults) at:

  • Music Cartoons for Children - Ty the T-REX on YouTUBE

    Music Cartoons for Children - Ty the T-REX on YouTUBE

    February 26, 2017

    CHAT PRODUCTIONS is proud to announce that their Saskatchewan produced music cartoons with their internationally recognized music of Ty the T-REX and friends have been established on their YouTUBE channel.  Check out their latest playlist at:

    Music Cartoons within the Playlist:

    Count With Me (Semi-Finalist in International Songwriting Competition)

    Wish Wish I Was a Fish (Finalist in in International Songwriting Competition)

    Enough of the Rough

    Going to the Park

    Chompity Chomp Chomp - (The Pancake Song)


  • Taking Tyme CD Release

    Taking Tyme CD Release

    December 21, 2015

    Paul Runalls and Chris Atkinson have released their second Ty the T-REX children's music album called Taking Tyme. As a follow-up to their very successful debut album, which included 2 songs recognized as finalists in the prestigious International Song Competition, their new album features performances by many great Saskatchewan musicians and singers including Glenn Ens, Andrew Walls as Ty and Rudy, Cam Zoller as Mo, Gent Laird, Sheldon Corbett, Ned Ramsay, Sherry Sansom as Steffy, Mark Bergen, Don Griffith, Sheila Churchman Vaadeland, Corey Hildebrand, Kevin Marsh, Corissa Ford Smith and Paul's grand niece Gillian!

    Ty the T-REX  music employs many different musical genres (blues, disco, rock, country, and even zydeco) that colourful dinosaur cartoon characters sing. This unique Saskatchewan animation project had four songs from their first album made into music cartoons and their plans are to launch a crowdfunding campaign to hire a young up and coming Saskatchewan animator to create a new music cartoon for one of their new songs from their new album.

    Taking Tyme is a collection of 10 songs that convey clean healthy messages for young children (and their parents). The title track suggests to children one should take the time to not only see and hear the wonderful and amazing things around them, but to also take time for their friends. From the importance of having the courage to encourage others, to recycling properly, the themes of Ty the T-REX songs are clear and important. Runalls and Atkinson have been in education for over 30 years and their passion for clean healthy messages in their music is paramount.

    For further information about this unique music cartoon project please visit  

  • Saskatchewan Bath Time Song in Japan

    Saskatchewan Bath Time Song in Japan

    December 20, 2015

    Bath Time, a children's song written by Paul Runalls (music) and Chris Atkinson (lyrics), has been discovered by Tokyo FM. The song appears on their charts with the likes of Rhianna, Kanye, McCartney, Sly and James Brown. The song was a finalist in the 2011 International Songwriting Competition. The song is performed by Andy Walls (vocals) as Ty the T-Rex, Brent Longstaff  (tuba) of the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, Sheldon Corbett (sax and piano), Glenn Ens (drums) and Paul Runalls (guitar). Runalls and Atkinson are baffled by the inclusion of their song with such lofty company and can only assume that the DJ simply loves taking a bath!

  • UK Songwriting Competition 2015 - I AM WHO I AM!

    December 6, 2015

    Chat Productions Inc. is proud to announce that one of the new songs (I AM WHO I AM) from our recently released album "Taking Tyme" received a Commended Entry Award in the prestigious UK Songwriting Competition in the Open Category.  Sung by Cam Zoller as "Mo Mosasaur," the song is about liking who you are even though you may have some different or unique personal traits. Paul Runalls (music) and Chris Atkinson (lyrics) had the song recorded at Audio Art Recording Studios using many talented Saskatchewan musicians (Sheldon Corbett, Glenn Ens, Paul Runalls, & Cam Zoller).




  • Taking Tyme

    Various Artists

    November 2015

    A  dynamic collection of 10 original songs for children about the fun loving characters from Dino City. The songs support positive messages for children with Ty the T-Rex leading the way. A variety of musical styles are used to keep the listener interested.

  • Tunes of Ty The T-Rex

    Various Artists

    November 2009

    ~An engaging collection of songs for young children with positive messages. Two of the songs were finalists in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition from over 15,500 entries. Another two were semi-finalists in the ISC. Check out their website at to see music videos and episode samples of this cartoon show for pre-schoolers. The song Bathtime won the ISC Peoples vote for children's music and was voted 11th worldwide competing against all music genres.


Taking Tyme

From Taking Tyme

Plane Ride

From Plane Ride



    Our International Songwriting Competition Finalist (May 2019) - Drop Your Phone - the music cartoon encourages, and reminds us to enjoy the people and events that are around us right now! Can you drop your phone for a few hours, or even a few days?


  • Doo Be Doo Be Doo

    A toe-tapping bopping tune and cartoon that will make you and your kids get up and dance. Written, voiced and guitars by Paul Runalls with backup vocals of Sheila Vaadeland and Cut Knife School children's choir.  Jack Tatchell added the trumpet riffs and Don Tatchell played drums  CHAT Productions creates cartoons and music for preschool children to entertain and support their learning and development socially, emotionally, and cognitively.

  • Going to the Park

    Everyone loves going to the park to play on the swings, slides and the play structure; especially with your favorite dinosaur, Ty the T-REX. This fun-filled song, that includes awesome trumpet riffs, encourages parents to visit and play at the park with their little ones. Further, it advocates for parents to also read together everyday with their children - this is truly a healthy combination of physical, emotional, and intellectual development support for the children.

  • My Grandma Snores Like a Dinosaur

    Dinosaurs ROAR, but a Grandma's snore can be just as loud! A catchy fun-filled live action music video about a grandma's all day snoozing habit and her grandchildren having fun with it.