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Orion Paradis
1951 Toronto St
Regina, SK, S4P 1M9

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Orion Paradis is a Saskatchewan music producer who works out of his own recording studio, SoulSound (which shares a building & inspiration with its sister studio, FadaDance). As a producer & engineer, Orion is very active in Saskatchewan's local community of bands, collaborating with artists such as Beach Body, Megan Nash, Wolf Willow, Library Voices, The Dead South, Ava Wild, Etienne Fletcher, Belle Plaine, Kacy & Clayton, The Extroverts, Natural Sympathies, Snake River & The Wonts. Orion has a lot of knowledge of the music business in Saskatchewan - from creating albums, to performing heavily remixed DJ sets, to production work for dance and theatre companies, he has navigated a wide swath of musical exploration. 

Some career highlights include: 2020 Gold Certification USA / 2019 - Gold Certification Canada (The Dead South In Hell I'll Be In Good Company), 2019 Juno Nomination - Contemporary Roots Album of the Year (Megan Nash – Seeker),  2019 YouTube Viral – 195 million views (The Dead South - In Hell I'll Be In Good Company), 2018 - #1 Stingray Satellite Radio (Etienne Fletcher - Cherie Cheri), 2017 SaskMusic #1 Album (Megan Nash – Seeker), 2016 Nominated Recording of the Year WCMA (Library Voices - Lovish), 2013 CBC #1 National Song of the Summer (Indigo Joseph - Others), 2009 Nominated Independent Album of the Year WCMA (Library Voices – Hunting Ghosts).

SoulSound provides a full suite of studio services, including:

Recording - Editing - Mixing - Mastering - Production

Studio Recording Example:
2015 Kacy & Clayton's cover of "Roll on Babe" for the Indiecan10k film "Basic Human Needs"

Orion Likes to have a good time with music.




  • Kacy & Clayton Recording Roll On Babe at SoulSound

    Here is a recording session at Soulsound in action - Kacy & Clayton performing "Roll on Babe" for the film soundtrack of the Indiecan10k winner, Basic Human Needs.

  • Megan Nash Lavender & Leather

    Lavender & Leather song was recorded and mixed by Orion Paradis @ SoulSound and the video was shot inn Soulsound and our sister studio, Fadadance.