Ava Wild

Categories: Musicians: Guitar, Musicians: Vocalist, Solo Artists, Songwriters/Composers

Genres: Blues, Folk, Jazz, Pop


Ava Wild
316, 20th Ave. E.
Regina, SK, S4N 1J7

Mobile: (416) 770-4022
Mobile: (306) 520-4890


From the skies of Saskatchewan Ava Wild began to collect inspiration and translate her world through music. With the same determination to teach herself guitar at the age of 12, Ava continues to grow in her musical abilities. Her songs are a combination of folk roots and jazz embellishments. With unique chord progressions and insightful lyrics, Ava expresses original ideas about land, love and life. There are songs about partying without alcohol; fairytales wrapped in leather; and admiration for humanity. Threading her beliefs in truth and beauty, Ava is a charismatic youth, with a tasteful sense of musicality and art. 



  • Ava Wild- Queen

    Written and created by Ava Wild. Copyright (c)