Roxie Lenton

Categories: Solo Artists, Songwriters/Composers

Genres: Country, Folk, Pop


Roxie Lenton
Regina, SK


Roxie Lenton is hell-bent on using her lyric driven country infused pop music to empower others.  Music is magic, it can change your mood in a matter of seconds and Roxie’s music wields that magic in a very vivid way.  Drawing on inspiration from a wide range of influences such as Taylor Swift, Simple Plan and Musical Theatre, she captivates a spectrum of human emotions.  Some songs celebrate life, love, and music, while others speak of loneliness, lost love and suffering.  Like most inspiring artists of her generation, the forces influencing her music, reflect an eclectic taste that crosses over the increasingly blurred boundaries of musical genres and styles.

In February of 2014, the release of her first single “Hey Valentine”, which Roxie wrote, recorded, mixed, and produced entirely on her own, garnered her a television interview, radio play and a radio interview on My 92.1 (Harvard Broadcasting) in Regina, Saskatchewan, where this openly emotional songstress was born and raised.  The song was also featured on SaskMusic’s Love Rocks Playlist.

Miss Lenton is currently working on her debut album, a venture that falls in the middle ground between country and pop music.  The ultimate power of her music is to unite us as people and help us realize we aren’t the only ones who have been through something.  Certain songs from the upcoming album address important issues such as bullying and mental health. Regarding the latter, Roxie says, “There is still such stigma that exists when it comes to mental health and it makes it so much harder for anyone to seek help and to come to terms with it.  And that understanding is something I hope to improve with my music.”

Put her in front of a piano, add the riffs of a slide guitar and watch her quirky spirit come alive while her sultry voice carries you on a musical journey.  As for her own musical journey, it started at the age of 7, followed by many painstaking years at the keys of a classical piano. Although her musical interest was sparked at a young age, it wasn’t until her early 20s when she found a confidence in herself that enabled her to acknowledge this is what she was meant to do.