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Conrad Bigknife
Regina, SK, S4P 2X4

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We've all heard the phrase "born to be". In Conrad Bigknife's case, he is living that phrase. A vocalist first and foremost, he has the ability to capture a song and hand-deliver it to the audience.  He can sound like some of the world’s most widely recognized artists, or he’ll sing you one of his ballads and you’ll feel it to the core.  Quickly becoming recognized as one of Canada's top up and coming Aboriginal artists, Conrad works hard at blending the lines of alternative country music and his cultural background. Like many performers before him who successfully broke down some fences, he might be a challenge to the concept of what a country artist is. It's a challenge he relishes and celebrates; music does nothing better than bring people together with a universal language. His passion, drive, and talent are undeniable. A showman and an artist, a writer, and a voice. It’s real-life music, hooks included.


  • New Release May 27 from Conrad Bigknife

    New Release May 27 from Conrad Bigknife

    May 29, 2022

    Coming May 27th is the latest release from Indigenous Country Artist, Conrad Bigknife. Set to hit Canadian Country Radio is the second release from Bigknife this year. Breaking into the top 100 with January's release How Could I Want More. Stating the new song I Like The Way You Shine is a bit of a combination of 'new and used country' with the soothing sound of the steel guitar.

    Bigknife says, "I'm very happy and excited to share this one with you."

  • New Release From Indigenous Country Music Artist Conrad Bigknife

    New Release From Indigenous Country Music Artist Conrad Bigknife

    January 14, 2022

    With the release of his new single, Indigenous Country music artist Conrad Bigknife has his feet planted firmly in the rich soil that is country music. "How Could I Want More" is about what we can always use more The song celebrates the beauty in the basics. The beauty of our roots that support and grow all the good things in our lives. Great songs tell a great story, and this storyteller can sing. 

    As Conrad states about the track:

    "With ups and downs in this business called music, there have been disappointments and triumphs. This, my friends, is one of the happy times. For all who are at this point in time, sharing new creations will always be one of the exciting moments. Our latest creation heavily inspired by George Strait is, once again, all about love. Thank you all that continue to support artists, bless y'all"

    Take a listen and purchase the track at:

    Also, more from Conrad at:



  • New Single Release From Country Artist Conrad Bigknife

    New Single Release From Country Artist Conrad Bigknife

    January 20, 2020

    Regina country musician, songwriter, and producer with the latest single from his record coming early spring! As Conrad puts it:

    "Today my new song hits the airwaves. Pretty excited about it.

    There is a time, I think in every creative process, when everything comes full circle.
    At the beginning, for me anyway, I was as true of a writer as I could be because I was simply writing a song. But this quickly became a bit of an unnerving process. Not the creating itself, but actually having even one other person listen to what I had done. It's easy to tell yourself it doesn't matter if no one likes it, but it does. Then the more people heard what I was doing, the more driven I was to have as many people as possible like what I was doing. This is where the creative process got tangled up in numbers and potential sales and the music game. The heart of it got lost for me.

    So I am back to creating Country music that I love, simply because I love it. It won't be for everyone, and that's ok. It's for those of us that want it."

    More info & upcoming performances here:

  • Country Music Recording Artist, Conrad Bigknife, Releases New Single,

    Country Music Recording Artist, Conrad Bigknife, Releases New Single, "Twang"

    June 3, 2019

    Award-winning entertainer, and Canadian country music recording artist, Conrad Bigknife has a strong foothold in today's Country music scene. He's a sought after writer and producer, an amazing vocalist and on stage, a world-class showman. Always a fan favourite. In this first of this new record, due out later this summer, is the title track, 'Twang'. 'Twang' is about... “There are 1000 different stories about romance, falling in love. But this one is about the other 1000 who found their twang in a country bar”. Written by and himself and Shannon Bigknife (Conrad Bigknife's wife), the duo wanted to capture the country music sound of steel guitars and fiddle reminiscent of greats like Goerge Strait, Dwight Yoakam etc.etc. The track was recorded at, Conrad Bigknife Studios. Produced, Mixed,  and Mastered by Conrad Bigknife. Darcy Labelle on drums, Jack Semple on guitar and steel guitar player with a long list of credentials, let’s just say Luke Bryan, Dixie Chicks to name a couple.




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  • Twang

    There are a 1000 romantic love stories out there. But sometimes the story goes like this...I met my twang at the country music bar and that's the way the story goes...I'm happy.