Conrad Bigknife

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Conrad Bigknife
Regina, SK, S4P 2X4

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We've all heard the phrase "born to be". In Conrad Bigknife's case, he is living that phrase. A vocalist first and foremost, he has the ability to capture a song and hand deliver it to the audience.  He can sound like some of the world’s most widely recognized artists, or he’ll sing you one of his ballads and you’ll feel it to the core.  Quickly becoming recognized as one of Canada's top up and coming Aboriginal artists, Conrad works hard at blending the lines of alternative country music and his cultural background. Like many performers before him who successfully broke down some fences, he might be a challenge to the concept of what a country artist is. It's a challenge he relishes and celebrates; music does nothing better than bring people together with a universal language. His passion, drive and talent are undeniable. A showman and an artist, a writer and a voice. It’s real life music, hooks included.


  • Artist Conrad Bigknife finds a new genre of music

    Artist Conrad Bigknife finds a new genre of music

    March 8, 2019

    Conrad Bigknife has found a home in a new genre of music. No testing the waters here; this is a full on jump into Christian/Inspirational music.

    Conrad is a very familiar face in country music circles. His new work "I Found My Home" will be different in many ways from what people have grown to expect from him. This collection features the gorgeous vocal work he is known for, but is lyrically very strongly rooted in contemporary Christian music. More piano-based than previous releases, it is pared down and yet somehow more complex. These songs are infused with light and life and hope. It's a refreshing, beautiful album from beginning to end.

    "I’ve Found My Home" is available at all large online distributors February 18, 2019.



  • I've Found My Home

    Various Artists

    February 2019

    This album is like a gorgeous summer day spent at God's music festival.

    Bold and breathtaking, these songs chronicle the simplicity and complexity of living in God's love. The intention is celebration and acceptance, and this album is infused with the Spirit and overflowing with pure joy.



I've Found My Home

From I've Found My Home