Soul Datta

Categories: Video

Genres: Alternative, Urban


220 – 20th Street West – Studio F
Saskatoon, SK

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Souldatta is a locally owned & operated production house specializing in music videos, feature films, short films, and commercials. With an emphasis on dynamic storytelling and brand building, we deliver a high quality product that truly elevates itself from the rest of the noise.

Our company is dedicated to bringing your imagination to life. We take pride in our ability to produce distinctive and original material  that blends the worlds of cinematic story telling with high fashion photography.  If you are looking for a video that helps your brand stand alone in the cluttered world of marketing, you’ve found it.

When your life inspires imagination, talk to us about our wedding video and event packages. We would love to take the amazing moments of your life and turn them into an intimate cinematic experience. With story driven videos, we capture the events of your special day and bring a unique feel to each creative project.