Del Suelo

Categories: Musicians: Bass, Musicians: Guitar, Musicians: Vocalist, Solo Artists, Songwriters/Composers

Genres: Folk, Pop, Rock, Spoken Word


Erik Mehlsen
Regina, SK

Mobile: (306) 539-9754


Del Suelo is a songwriter, author, performer and studio multi-instrumentalist. 



  • I Am Free

    Various Artists

    April 2016

    This 10-song concept album pairs with a 10-chapter novel of the same name, written by Del Suelo. Thematically, the project discusses the struggles of living within the values of a modern society - from 40 hour work weeks to stiff relationship etiquette - as the main character gains awareness of his unconsciously chosen values to move towards personal liberation. The music features a wide range of musical stylings - so as to properly suit the emotion of each corresponding chapter of the book. It generally remains within the lose boundaries of alternative rock or folk, but there are a few surprises! Recorded at: Blue Door Recordings, Regina. Produced by: Del Suelo and Justin Bender.