Shooting Guns

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Genres: Rock


Jim Ginther
904 9th Ave. N
Saskatoon, SK, S7K 2Z4

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Shooting Guns are hard at work fortifying the heavy end of the psychedelic spectrum. Hailing from Saskatoon, SK, they recently scored the soundtrack to the internationally released horror-comedy WolfCop. Their 2013 release Brotherhood of the Ram was nominated for the 2015 JUNO Award for Metal/Hard Album of the Year as well as the Polaris Music Prize in 2014. Their debut LP, Born to Deal in Magic: 1952-1976, was also nominated for the Polaris Music Prize in 2012.




  • Brothers of Nod

    Various Artists

    March 2016

    The modus operandi of the band has always been to play loud primitive SPACE rock in the tradition of bands such as MC5, CIRCLE, HAWKWIND, amongst MANY other influences, and this has taken them to this 12” split with fellow-tree swingers HAWKEYES from the Kitchener-Waterloo area in southern Ontario. Is it an alternate soundtrack to a faked Mars landing? The sound of all Black Sabbath albums played at once, on 45 RPM? Sentient beer-based beings coming to life and belching into the eternal cosmos? A god-awful racket? All of the above, friends. Produced by: The band and Ryan Allen. Recorded at: Pre-Rock Studios and The Sweat Lodge. More info:

  • Another WolfCop OST

    Various Artists

    April 2018

    The cult classic receives a sequel, and returning on scoring duties is Saskatoon’s Shooting Guns. The JUNO and Polaris Prize award nominees are known for their psychedelic/stoner rock, sitting on the heavy end of the spectrum; for this soundtrack the band decided to stretch out even more. Making synthesizers just as prominent as their roaring guitars results in a sort-of garage rock take on John Carpenter soundtracks. As an album, it works as a fun collection of quick jams, with plenty of variety and loads of hooks; incorporating a wide range of influences and instruments to expand on the Wolfcop universe. Recorded at: Pre-Rock Studios, Saskatoon. Produced by: Shooting Guns. Released: April 6, 2018.