Lancaster Taphouse

Categories: Restaurant/Coffee Shop/Cafe/Store


Patrick Rafter
4529 Gordon Road
Regina, SK, S4W 0B7

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We are a like minded group of Photo Bombing, Shark Loving, Rider Raving, Patriotic, Good Times Having, Patio Chillng, Bike Riding, DJ Beats-ing, Hard Working, Fun Loving, Sport Raving, Lockout Grumbling, Book Reading, Movie Geeking, Charity funding. Live Music Digging, Moustache Growing, World Traveling, Culturfying, Oppression hating people with an intense passion for well crafted unique foods, beers, cocktails, and wine…


There’s a relentless kind of craziness in the air in here,
so sit back, relax, and above all….