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JJ Guy
1608 Bradwell Ave
Saskatoon, SK, S7N 2P1

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A stranger to none in the fiddle world, this established artist, continues to make waves and inroads all across Canada. His performances while steeped in tradition, have taken fiddle music to a new and exciting level! Growing up in rural Saskatchewan surrounded by fiddle music, this tradition is now reflected in his own playing and his passion for the music. It is often said that "to hear JJ play is to witness a tune come alive."

   JJ started out by performing at a young age in many shows and dances across Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba with his two sisters in a family band. This award winning fiddler competed in and won many fiddling competitions around the prairies including the Saskatchewan Junior & Novice Fiddling Championship. Early on in his career he joined the band Highway 49, and free-lanced with many other groups. In recent years JJ has played many shows and festivals with the Bluegrass & Old Time group, "Lone Tree Road" which has released several albums. His years of stage experience keeps him in demand and his busy schedule has allowed him to work with some of the biggest names in the fiddle and acoustic music world. 

 Much of the winter months JJ works teaching fiddle to youth in Manitoba through the Frontier School Division, and often can be found giving workshops for The Kole Crook Fiddle Association in the NWT.  He has been featured at festivals, concerts and fiddle camps all across Canada from New Brunswick to British Columbia and all stops in between. This extensive work schedule allows him to meet many fans, consequently, this has made him an attraction on the Canadian fiddle circuit! 

  His fiddle albums, Nothing But Blue Skies(2005), Cadillac(2007),  Fiddler(2009) and Old Time Dance (2011) Traveler's Jig (2014) are full of lively traditional and original fiddle music. All five albums have received airplay across Canada on radio stations that support and play fiddle music.As a result of his hard work and dedication, he was nomina...


  • Twin Fiddles 3 Album Release

    Twin Fiddles 3 Album Release

    July 1, 2017

    Gordon Stobbe and JJ Guy are proud to announce the release of their latest collaboration, "TWIN FIDDLES 3" on July 1, 2017.

    Following the success of their first two albums, the much anticipated "TWIN FIDDLES 3" continue the collaboration between fiddlers, fellow travelers and story tellers, JJ Guy and Gordon Stobbe. The original tunes celebrate music, dance, friendship and landscapes across Canada, all the while continuing and expanding the tradition of twin fiddling.

    Twin Fiddles will be touring across western Canada this summer promoting Twin Fiddles 2 at various music camps and concerts. Be sure to catch one of their highly entertaining shows!

    For more on Twin Fiddles visit www.twinfiddles.ca
    or JJ Guy www.jjguy.ca
    or Gordon Stobbe www.fiddlebooks.com


  • Twin Fiddles

    Twin Fiddles

    February 14, 2015

    Gordon Stobbe and JJ Guy are proud to announce the release of their album, “Twin Fiddles”. Both Gordon Stobbe and JJ Guy are well known Canadian Fiddlers in their own right with a long list of accomplishments, but have joined forces to present a new and exciting album for music fans! The album “Twin Fiddles” represents a quilt work of original tunes written by Guy and Stobbe which capture their Canadian home land and itʼs many hidden corners of wonder!

    The shape of this album first started taking place 3 years ago, as Guy and Stobbe started writing original music to reflect their many journeys together on the road. Many of the compositions are written for some very unique but truly Canadian places. “Every tune tells a story and our goal is to let the listener feel as though they have traveled with us to these places or met the people that these tunes are written about” says Guy.

    Coinciding with the release of this album is a book of these original compositions giving musical fans of this CD an opportunity to learn these new melodies as well. The book is published by “Fiddlebooks”, the leading publisher of Canadian fiddle music. ʻTwin Fiddlesʼ album and book can be purchased from JJ Guyʼs web site www.jjguy.ca or Gordon Stobbeʼs site www.fiddlebooks.com or at various locations and at online retailers.

    Gordon Stobbe is a well known Canadian musician and educator from Nova Scotia. He appears regularly as an instructor at fiddle workshops and music camps across Canada and in the Canadian north. He has many radio, television, theatre, film and recording credits and is a regular contributor to ʻfiddler magazineʼ.

    JJ Guy is an award winning Saskatchewan fiddler whose music is steeped in tradition. He performs and teaches across Canada and in the Canadian North as well as appearing at festivals, concerts and fiddle camps from New Brunswick to British Columbia, and is also the winner of “The Peopleʼs Choice Award” at the Canadian Grand Masters in 2013

    For more information:

    Gordon Stobbe at www.fiddlebooks.com

    JJ Guy at www.jjguy.ca