Rough and Wretched (R.A.W.)

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Clayton Koslowski
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Rosthern, SK, S0K 3R0

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Rough and Wretched (R.A.W.)

    Rough and Wretched was formed in 2012.  The plan was to learn popular hit covers from the 70’s to present, mainly concentrating in the 80’s, in the genres of Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy metal.  Our plan is to play covers, while we get tight and acquire a following, then create our own compositions. Unfortunately we had difficulty finding a vocalist with the range and will to perform our wide range of material selections. We are currently performing covers Which consist of an even mix of hits from April Wine to Iron Maiden).  It also took some work to find venues that would hire an unknown band.

   After our current vocalist joined the band, we played 3 exhibitions in summer of 2013 season for stage experience in partial preparation for our first full show in January 2014. In the beginning of 2014 we began public relations trips In order to introduce ourselves to possible venues. Our first hotel show was performed in late March of 2014. Venues are now quite steady between new and returns. We have received great reviews from both our audiences and venues owners. We pride ourselves in the audiences enjoyment of our music, and satisfaction of the venue, all while having fun ourselves. Rough and Wretched has been selected to be an overnight house band in the 2015 Telemiracle on March 8th in Saskatoon.

   Rough and Wretched is self-sufficient with both lighting and sound equipment which allows us to performances at venues whether they have PA equipment or not.

Rough and Wretched (R.A.W.) uses NO click or backing tracks and no Auto tune. We Are R.A.W.

Rough and Wretched (R.A.W.) is:

Vocalist -Jessica K

Lead Guitarist- Nathan B-K

Bass Guitarist- Clayton J

Drums- Clay K


  • Rough and Wretched Debuts first original work at Telemiracle 39

    Rough and Wretched Debuts first original work at Telemiracle 39

    March 18, 2015

    Rough and Wretched were absolutely thrilled with the honor of being allowed to perform 6 covers on Telemiracle 39. With the amazing array of original talent crossing the stage they decided It wasn't quite fair to only show up with tried and true hit covers. In the two weeks before their TV debut they sat down and Jammed out the instrumental and added lyrics in the final week, continuing to fine tune right to the night before the show. While it was a huge risk to debut a song on live TV that they had only played 6 times in practice. The risk was worth it! Their first original "Ride On" saw a very large positive audience response topped only by their rendition of Megadeath's "Symphony of destruction". It has also received extremely positive response and feedback from their webpages after video of "Ride On" from Telemiracle had been uploaded. The band has reached No.1 presently on the Saskatoon band charts rating on ReverbNation and is still climbing in the National and International rankings.

    Songs they performed on Telemiracle included in order:
    Set 1
    Cover of Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train"
    Cover of Joan Jett's "Hate myself for loving you"
    Set 2
    Cover of Pat Benetar's Hit me with your best shot"
    Rough and Wretched  (R.A.W.) "Ride On" Debut original.
    Set 3
    Cover of Collective Soul's "Shine"
    Cover of Megadeath's "Symphony of Destruction"

    Rough and Wretched would also like to thank the Rosthern High School for their amazing fundraising efforts in the amount of $2500.00 and all the patrons of the hotels and lounges the band played since November. Namely: The Bee Hive Hotel - Tisdale, Kinistino Hotel, Cudworth Motor Inn, Eddy's Pub - Melfort, and the Adobe Inn - Martinsville Whose generous and selfless donations added up to $460.00. Along with a few private donations. Rough and Wretched was honored to present a total of $3110.00 to Telemiracle on behalf of these groups and people.

    With the fun of Telemiracle now over for the year Rough and wretched is looking forward to returning to entertaining the communities that wish to be entertained. Their first booked performance post Telemiracle is advertised for March 20th at the Rosthern Hotel. They are looking forward to seeing everyone there!

    Rough and Wretched's upcoming shows can be found in the events area here, Reverbnation or Facebook.

    Rough and Wretched band pages can be found with a simple search of the band name using any Search engine.

    A link to the video for "Ride On", Rough and Wretched's First original debuted on Telemiracle LIVE can be found in the video section of Rough and Wretched's profile.  Here is the link to it on Youtube:


  • Rough and Wretched ROCKS Telemiracle in 2015

    January 29, 2015

    Rough and Wretched Raw was honored to be selected as an overnight house band in Saskatoon. Our first televised performance
    \m/ ROCK ON \m/



  • Cover of "Barracuda" By Rough and Wretched (R.A.W.)

    Recorded at Cudworth Inn December 29, 2014

  • Cover of "Rebel Yell" By Rough and Wretched (R.A.W.)

    Recorded at the Cudworth Inn December 29, 2014

  • Cover of "Mz Hyde" By Rough and Wretched (R.A.W.)

    Recorded at the Cudworth Inn December 29,2014.