Annette Campagne

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Genres: Adult Contemporary, Folk, Pop, Rock


Annette Campagne
Regina, SK

Phone: (306) 525-6530
Mobile: (306) 537-0461


Singer songwriter and founding member of the band Hart Rouge, Annette Campagne proves she is the quintessential Canadian artist; the bilingual, straight-shooting poet of a prairie girl who has seen the world but who revels in her prairie roots.  Her new album ‘Papillon amiral’ features dynamic rhythms, introspective lyrics melodies.  She delivers a mix of contemporary folk, melodic pop and acoustic rock with a sweet and soulful voice. It is the work of an artist whose mettle has been tested. 


  • CD release party 'Annette'

    CD release party 'Annette'

    November 18, 2014

    After releasing her new album in Ottawa, Montreal and Sudbury, Annette returns home to Regina to launch 'Papillon amiral' at the Slate Art Gallery on November 28th from 6 to 8 pm, including live performance and the viewing of her latest videoclip. Producer Lowell Dean and Regina's Living Sky Media will be on hand to celebrate! Many thanks to SaskMusic, Creative Saskatchewan and Musicaction!



  • Papillon amiral

    Various Artists

    November 2014

    Annette's latest album features a return to what she does best; 'acoustic rock weaved together by strong pop melodies and dynamic rhythms. With 'Papillon amiral' she paints a soulful tapestry, another exiting portrait of deep grounded earthiness with powerful lyrics and soulful rhythmic inventions. Comprised of 11 songs (8 french and 3 english), Annette is a singer songwriter at the top of her game, recounting stories with a combination of flair and modesty.  

  • Papillon Amiral

    Various Artists

    June 2015

    Folk/rock singer-songwriter ‘Annette’ has been part of the music scene for over 25 years (Hart Rouge and solo career) and her music has evolved and expanded over the years. Her latest foray is no exception, making a languid but deliberate turn towards acoustic rock, one where melodic pop meets up with driving organic rhythms, catchy guitar hooks, powerful lyrics and dynamic vocals. Through 11 beautifully crafted songs (8 French, 3 English), it’s her most authentic work to date, drenched in a faith-infused, self-empowering optimism that captures her deep-rooted love of life. Produced by: Davy Gallant and Gilles Tessier. Recorded at: Dogger Pond Studios, Drummondville QC. More info:


Sable sous mes pieds

From Papillon amiral

August Falling Star

Tu es ma lumière

From Papillon amiral

Insanely Beautiful

From Papillon amiral

Papillon amiral

From Papillon amiral