Harvest Eatery

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Genres: Blues, Folk, Pop, Rock


Kristy Thienes
492 Centre Street
Shaunavon, SK, S0N 2M0

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A gourmet restaurant in Shaunavon, SK that hosts two quarterly events featuring live music:

"The Exhibition at Harvest Eatery' is a celebration of culinary, visual and performing arts. 

"Supper Club", is an intimate amalgamation of live music and gourmet food.


Have you ever wondered what Saskatchewan tastes like? Harvest Eatery & Fresh Market, Tourism Saskatchewan's 2014 "Rookie of the Year' is an upscale, fresh concept restaurant in rural Shaunavon, SK that specializes in locally produced, seasonal ingredients that best demonstrates the bounty that Saskatchewan has to offer. By using seasonal ingredients found in SW Saskatchewan and featuring local farmers and producers from the province, Harvest Eatery can confidently say, their menu is an innovative example of how Saskatchewan tastes.

Chef Garrett 'Rusty' Thienes’ menus are a creative tribute to classic prairie dishes and recipes. With a focus on not just the ingredients, which are locally sourced as much as possible, but the techniques and history of the dishes themselves and their impact on our culture in the prairies. Further, they offer an educational dining experience. The staff of Harvest eloquently describes the ingredients, flavours and preparation of dishes, while guests watch Chef Garrett prepare the food in the heart of the restaurant – the open kitchen. Have you ever noticed most dinner parties end up in the kitchen? Harvest did, so they brought the kitchen to the party. 

Harvest Eatery is more than just a place to stop for a bite on your way through - it's a destination.