Rotations, The

Categories: Groups and Duos

Genres: Blues, Country, Folk, Rock


Eric Berg
Saskatoon, SK, S7J 1T5

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The Rotations are a 4-piece band from Saskatoon that follow a beat to their own drum. With alternating lead singers within the group each song is unique and different from the last, while maintaining a unique Rotations attitude. Don't forget your dancing shoes when going to see them play and make sure you stay hydrated!


  • Self Title Wave - Album Release

    Self Title Wave - Album Release

    May 6, 2015

    The date is confirmed and probably meant to be! On July 4th 2015, The Rotations debut album "Self Ttitle Wave" will hit the market. INDEPENDENT DAY is the theme for the release party going down at The Underground Café in Saskatoon. Showcasing up and coming independent artist Brayden Bell and of course, The Rotations. Doors at 8PM. 

    Album preview

  • The Rotations (A Bigger Boom Than Expected)

    The Rotations (A Bigger Boom Than Expected)

    February 26, 2015

    For The Rotations, entering a recording studio for the first time ever was just like the first day of high school all over again. They were not sure what to expect, excited but slightly intimidated, and just hoping to excel.

    With the help of Kalen Ross (of Foam Lake) producing, the outcome of recording far exceeded any "teachers expectations". Parts of songs that had an unpredictable bang were lifted to an unexpected boom, giving many songs a common but unique twist.

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  • The Rotations go Into The Studio

    The Rotations go Into The Studio

    November 22, 2014

    The Rotations are super stoked to announce that they are going into the studio in December to record what will be their first album. The focus on this first record is to keep things simple for themselves by having a "live off the floor" sound for the album. Expect the unexpected for the first songs released to the public, and spread the word..........



  • self title wave

    Various Artists

    July 2015

    debut album now available. check us out on facebook and join us at our next show. we have our website link where you can hear some songs from our new album!