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Drew Tofin
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Drew Tofin is not your typical jazz crooner.  With Vocal talent and on stage charisma rivaling the best in the industry, Tofin has left his audiences begging for more.  While the 25 year old may perform some of the classic standards, he goes above and beyond, recreating pop/rock classics as well as writing his own pop and jazz songs. 


Growing up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Tofin has been influenced by various types of music throughout the start of his young music career.  As a teenager Tofin was specifically influenced by Heavy Metal music, and played for seven years as a singer and guitarist in a local band.  Having always been interested in the music of the rat pack, Elvis Presley and others alike it wasn’t until Tofin’s senior year of high school that he truly became moved by these timeless classics.


After forming a small band and performing at a variety of events in Saskatchewan, Tofin soon realized that playing jazz could be a realistic career path, and began working on his debut album.  In July of 2014, while in the process of recording his first record, Drew decided to record five songs for his debut Christmas EP “Christmas Can’t Be Far Away”.  The EP was released in November 2014, and continues to be a holiday favourite in homes across Canada.


While acquiring his bachelors of Commerce degree at the University of Saskatchewan, Tofin worked part time while going to university to fund his first project.  As funding an album can be a difficult feat for a four-piece band, few artists are able to secure a 14-piece big band on their independent debut album, let alone finance the entire project themselves. Not only did the album include such a large band, but was mixed and mastered by industry professionals who have worked with artists from Kelly Clarkson and Janelle Monae to Missy Elliot and Kelly Rowland.  The album includes classic standards such as Frank Sinatra’s “Drinking Again” and Dean Martin’s “Ain’t That A Kick In the Head”, while also including more contemporary songs such as Robbie Williams’ “Angels” and Bryan Adams’ “I’ll Always Be Right There”. 


In early 2016, Tofin returned with a live Blu-Ray DVD “All of Me”, including 13 performances and interviews.  He has continued to play live off the success of his three releases and plans to head into the studio to record a sophomore album in the fall of 2016, which will include contemporary standards as well as a few originals.


  • Drew Tofin Set To Release Debut Album 'One Night'

    Drew Tofin Set To Release Debut Album 'One Night'

    January 20, 2015

    It has been over a year since Drew Tofin started recording his debut album 'One Night'. The amount of time put into it is something that you can really hear in the final product. The album was recorded in two Saskatchewan studios, the first of which was The Avenue Recording Company with studio engineer Jordan Smith. "When I first started working with Jordan, the project was initially only going to be a five song EP. Eventually I wanted to take the project a step further, but with the closing of The Avenue I was unsure of who could take what we had done together and continue to give me the raw sound the EP already had."  

    Eventually Drew approached Chris Douglas (Toneshift Audio) out of Colonsay, SK. "I had really only known Chris from the days when I played metal, as my old band Suffer The Children and Chris' band Sparky had played together multiple times. While I knew Chris was a great guy, from a recording standpoint I only knew him for recording metal.  However, after gathering multiple opinions, I was completely convinced I would be satisfied with Chris' work."  The recording process started in late July, recording 16 songs, 5 of which were Christmas tracks for Drew's Christmas EP "Christmas Can't Be Far Away". The project wrapped up in early October.

    Drew’s first album will contain classics such as “Fly Me to the Moon” made famous by Frank Sinatra and “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head” made famous by Dean Martin – but that’s not all.  In addition to these timeless classics, Drew has put his own spin on a completely different variety of songs such as Robbie Williams’ “Angels” and Fleetwood Mac’s “Say You Love Me” – a rendition done as a duet with Saskatoon’s own Denise Valle.  

    “I’ve been working on this album for over a year now, and am really excited to get it out to the public.  It’s not your typical jazz crooner album, I have incorporated multiple genres and artists that have been a great influence to me and I believe it has resulted in a unique finished product." Drew's debut album features his full horn section from the "Drew Tofin Big Band", as well as a string section. "I've been lucky enough to play and record with some of the best musicians in Saskatchewan, if not all of Canada. Their musicianship on this album was fantastic and I think it's something you can definitely hear in the final product."

    While the iTunes pre-sale has already begun, the album is set to be released February 3rd on all other major online stores, while physical copies can be purchased at shows or from www.drewtofin.com



  • Christmas Can't Be Far Away

    Various Artists

    November 2014

  • One Night

    Various Artists

    February 2015



From One Night

One Night

From Drew Tofin

Say You Love Me (feat. Denise Valle)

From One Night