Spencer Vaughn

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Genres: Blues, Pop, Rock


Arlene Lafrentz
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Estevan, SK, S4A 2L7

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Singer-songwriter Spencer Vaughn fuses blues, power rock, jazz and country crossover into his original compositions delivering them with powerfully resonant and fluidly warm inviting vocals paired with his owns unique guitar stylings. 


  • Spencer Vaughn Band Calendar Tour 2016

    Spencer Vaughn Band Calendar Tour 2016

    July 17, 2016

    The Spencer Vaughn Band is excited to release their Calendar Tour 2016 new self titled CD.  The band has a new home at www.spencervaughnband.com where you can get the 411 and check out "Help Me" single from the new album. There's also pics and vids and sneak pics of the "bandoir" calendar available only at their shows. The merch table is gonna be very interesting on this tour!!

  • Spencer Vaughn CMW2015 Showcase & Music Summit

    Spencer Vaughn CMW2015 Showcase & Music Summit

    May 16, 2015

    Spencer Vaughn Band showcased for the first time at CMW2015 May 5, 2015 at the Underground Garage in downtown Toronto, to a packed house receiving two encores!! CMW2015 was a fulfilling jam-packed week of music, conferences, networking and venues, never soon to be forgotten.



  • SVL

    Various Artists

    November 2013

    Recorded at Talking Dog Studios, Regina, SK

    Available iTunes

  • Spencer Vaughn Band

    Various Artists

    July 2016

    Vaughn is an independent emerging artist with influences of jazz, power rock, blues and country crossover. He’s currently studying music at Edmonton’s MacEwan University, building on strong foundations of guitar playing, songwriting, and music recording. Here he met like-minded musicians and created the Spencer Vaughn Band - with Derek Weins on lead guitar, Joel Jeschke on drums, Ali Mirzaie playing bass and Jazz Nipp on piano. These hardworking players come together in a 10-song, polished and very groovy package. Recorded at: The Audio Department, Edmonton AB. Produced by: Terry Tran. 


Help Me

From Spencer Vaughn Band

Quiet is the Night

From Spencer Vaughn Band

No Weight I Wouldn't Bear

From Spencer Vaughn Band

I Had a Dream

From Spencer Vaughn Band

Ol' Broken Heart

From Spencer Vaughn Band

Breaking Branches

From Spencer Vaughn Band


  • Live With You

    Spencer Vaughn "Live With You" live performance @ Talking Dog Studios, Regina SK

  • J.Groove

    Recorded LIVE on the floor at Talking Dog Studios Regina August 2014.


  • I Had a Dream

    This video was a serendipitous meeting of two families. Avery Vaughn lends her virtuosity with harmonies smooth as silk. Joel and Jordan Jeschke fuse the rhythm section like a hydrogen bomb. Yet who can miss the timely, tasty, tangible tinkling of Jazz Nipp on the grand piano.

  • An Empty Room with Spencer Vaughn - "Late Sunday Night"

    The Empty Room is a video series that features live off the floor recordings by select Saskatchewan artists. The idea behind the series is to capture artists' performances in a room without an audience. The recordings are done in the Hague Gallery at the Creative City Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan.