Intergalactic Virgin

Categories: Groups and Duos

Genres: Alternative, Electronica, Rock


Derek Pennett
Regina, SK

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Intergalactic Virgin is 'Electro-Organic'. We fuse everything (past & present) electronica & psychedelic into smooth, hard-hitting dance grooves that enjoy a fantastical relation to a home embedded in outer-space. Our fast paced 'Electro-Organic' dance rhythms are the main heartbeat of any song we compose together. Solid, headbanging, oscillating rhythms cascade, groove at high speeds, through a perfectly arranged cyber-world that merges with raw natural sound & beauty. Intergalactic Virgin uses a multitude of colorful percussion layers to push the creative boundaries of the audio spectrum, giving you the listener a one of a kind experience. We together create song climaxes that peak much larger than life.

Commercially released and digitally distributed CD - 2013: New Machine: From The Nectar Of The Sun