Hello, Lady

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Genres: Adult Contemporary, Alternative


Lea Arngrimson
Regina, SK

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Hello, Lady formed in the fall of 2012 and is basically the bastardization of lead vocalist/guitarist Lea Arngrimson's former solo project of the same name. The lineup now consists Dieter Desmet on guitar, Kyle Westberg on bass, and Kolby Kostyniuk on drums. Their influences range from 80’s pop-rock, 90’s alternative rock to punk, modern day indie/folk and the blues. The band’s wide range of influences gives Hello, Lady a unique sound which “moves from limpid rock to dark and allegorical pop and back again”. Hello, Lady released their 'Prologue' EP in early 2013 and released a follow-up EP titled 'Not for Her' in August 2014. Hello, Lady is currently writing for a full length album set to be released in 2015.



  • Prologue

    Various Artists

    March 2013

    3 song demo released March 2013

    Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Roman Empire Studios

    Track Listing:


    2-Beautiful Thing


  • Not for Her

    Various Artists

    August 2014

    Produced by David Roman & Hello, Lady

    All songs written and performed by Hello, Lady

    Recorded/Mixed at Roman Empire Studios

    Mastered at SoulSound Studios

    David Roman - Recording/Mixing Engineer

    Orion Paradis - Mastering Engineer




From Not for Her

Paint the Sun

From Not for Her

A Beautiful Thing

From Prologue

Sheep-Like Fodder

From Not for Her