Artificial Lift

Categories: Groups and Duos

Genres: Blues, Rock


Trent Bloch-Hansen
2608 47th Avenue
Lloydminster, SK, S9V 1J6

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A 3 piece Rock & Roll band from Lloydminster SK, Artificial Lift started as a jam band in February of 2013 under the moniker Biggs Hosan. Deriving influence from such genres as prog rock, blues, country & western, and metal, the guys have honed their skills into a modern rock sound.

The “Ominous EP” is their first 5 song release of 2014 and takes listeners into a sound-scape consisting of huge rock guitars, pulsating rhythm sections, and lyrics forged from their experiences of living in the mid-west. Featuring two vocalists and songs that engage listeners in the essence of our diverse Canadian heritage, this is a musical act that would appeal to people of all ages. 

The band has an entire set suitable for rock and roll venues and also have adapted their sound to appeal to many in the acoustic realms.


  • NEW RELEASE: Crooked Bush [Official Music Video] to kickoff 2-week Canada/USA tour

    NEW RELEASE: Crooked Bush [Official Music Video] to kickoff 2-week Canada/USA tour

    June 23, 2016

    Artificial Lift have recently released their music video for Crooked Bush, a hard-hitting rock song about the popular Saskatchewan tourist attraction. The video was filmed within the Crooked Bush itself and brings a "light VS dark" theme to contrast the mystical yet disconcerting features of the twisted trees.

    Check it out on YouTube here: Artificial Lift - Crooked Bush [Official Music Video]

    This release is a prelude to the band's upcoming Canada/USA tour aiding Hollywood, California's hard-rockers"The Maension". The 2-week leg Artificial Lift will be performing on starts in Vancouver on June 29th and has the band hitting major Alberta cities and then Winnipeg before dipping down into North/South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa.

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  • Artificial Lift - 'Crooked Bush' Live @ GlobalNews Saskatoon

    Artificial Lift - 'Crooked Bush' Live @ GlobalNews Saskatoon

    April 25, 2014

    Have you heard of the Crooked Bush near Hafford, SK? It  is a grove of aspen trees located in the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve. The three acre grove has an almost mythical quality; every tree is twisted and bent upon itself. A winding board-walk through the grove protects the trees and habitat.

    Recently, Artificial Lift has released a tune inspired by this mysterious patch of trees, and so fittingly it was entitled 'Crooked Bush'. The band had the opportunity to hang out with the crew at Global News Saskatoon where they played an acoustic version of the song for TV.  They also announced their upcoming placement in Fireworks Magazine which is distributed internationally in Belgium and the U.K. You can check out the live video here:

    OR alternatively at: