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Andreea Moore
Saskatoon, SK

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Music has always been a passion for Andreea. It started when she was eight years old when she acquired a broken old acoustic guitar that she restored with the aid of her mother. After years of formal music education and countless hours playing, Andreea began the natural progression into writing. Writing has been an interesting journey. Andreea has always tried to be genuine, honest and different musically. 

In more recent years Andreea found herself writing more frequently. Her sound is a mix of the Coffeehouse sound and Canadian Indie Rock. Some common themes in her music is the contrast between life death, light and dark and finding one’s way in the post modern world while finding happiness. Repetition and cyclical themes is one of the ways that Andreea is consistent and congruent with here music. These themes present themselves in the EP release of “The Narrative”. 

Andreea is looking ahead to the future release of "Haunted Former Lives", this is a rather ambitious EP that features vivid story telling, catchy yet well crafted lyrics and crisp clean 12 String tones. This release takes what has happened in the previous works and built on that foundation, to advance into the future.

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  • LP to Come in the Near Future

    April 24, 2014

    There is an ambitious LP project in the works for this up and coming Singer/Songwriter. 



  • Haunted Former Lives

    Various Artists

    November 2016

    Andreea’s sound is a mix of the coffeehouse and Canadian indie rock. With the modest success of her debut 2013 release, “The Narrative,” Andreea found common themes in her music and lyrics with the contrast between life/death, light/dark and finding one’s way in the post modern world while also finding happiness. Haunted Former Lives features vivid storytelling, catchy yet well-crafted lyrics, and crisp, clean 12-string tones. This release takes from her previous works and builds on the foundation, creating an emphasis of Andreea being true to herself and her craft. Recorded at: Workhorse Recording Company, Saskatoon. Produced by: Troy S.G. Denet and Jordan Spahr. Release date: November 4, 2016


Star Song

From The Narrative

Song To A Soul

From The Narrative


From The Narrative

Fairy Tale

From The Narrative

Fighting The Odds

From The Narrative


  • Song to A Soul

    Music video for the "Song to a Soul" off the EP "The Narrative".

  • Haunted

    Video for the song "Haunted" off the release "Haunted Former Lives".

  • Distopia

    EDM LoFi colobaration with DJ, Producer and Songwriter CNYK.