Minor Matter

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Genres: Classical, Folk, Jazz, World


Jeffrey Popiel
9 Minto Pl
Saskatoon, SK, S7L 1C4

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When it comes to musical experiences, Minor Matter prefers to take the listener down the path less travelled. With influences as diverse as the instruments they bring along for the ride, this orchestral folk quintet charts a course brimming with scenic detours and unsuspecting surprises. “If you’re after something a little unorthodox to accompany you on free-spirited walks, you should check these folks out.” (Jane Caulfield, Mix Tape Magazine, November 2013).

Hailing from Saskatchewan, Canada, Minor Matter started as Jeffrey Popiel’s experimental solo project and has grown to include 5 multi-instrumentalists that help bring his carefully crafted originals to life. Drawing on a well-stocked musical tool-box that includes everything from the bassoon and clarinet to glockenspiel and ukulele, Stephanie Unverricht, Heather Lake, Skyler Caferrata and Jon Henderson work to seamlessly fuse classical, country, folk, jazz and psychedelic rock. “Their music is layers upon layers of crafted intricacies and flourishes intertwined with light-hearted lyrics,” (Jane Caulfield, Mix Tap Magazine, November 2013)

Following the 2013 release of their 5-track EP, Concept of a Knife, 2014 saw the group play LUGO, the Greenery, the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, MoSo Fest 2014, the Ness Creek main stage and as a feature performer at the Saskatchewan Art’s Board Lieutenant Governor General Awards, gaining new fans along the way.

“Never have I encountered a more abnormally talented bunch of young musicians than the time I caught Minor Matter play live at the Greenery in Saskatoon...their sound will catch you completely off guard.” (Brynn Becker, The Pickup, March 2014)

When it comes to their craft, Minor Matter is passionate about continuously challenging themselves to push boundaries and create something new for audiences of all ages and musical preferences. They aim to capture the energy and character of their live show with their full length debut released in 2016.



  • Concept of a Knife

    Various Artists

    August 2013

    Minor Matter's début release exposes the chamber-folk project in a dynamic way. Featuring a fair variety of instrumentation, such as bassoon, oboe, clarinet, valve trombone, trumpet, and mandolin, to name a few, minor matter manages to create intriguing music with unusual timbres. Bearing mostly lyrical arrangements, the Concept of a Knife EP tells a series of intertwined stories of betrayal, observation, loss and grief from various perspectives.

  • Minor Matter

    Various Artists

    June 2016

    Minor Matter's debut album takes the listener through a musical journey.The large range of instrumentation pushes the limits of this orchestral folk creation.From dark ambient instrumentals to funk and pop ballads, the album covers a lot of ground.



From Concept of a Knife

Program 1

From Minor Matter

Barren Ground

From Minor Matter


  • Stuck In Serenity

    A live performance of the instrumental piece, "Stuck in Serenity" featuring the clarinet, oboe and baritone ukulele among drums and bass. This piece is intended to represent the feeling one has when they are lost, yet at the same time, glad to be.