Juniperus - The Fabulist

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Genres: Alternative, Broadway/Theatre, Childrens', Folk


Jeffrey Popiel
9 Minto Pl
Saskatoon, SK, S7L 1C4

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Juniperus - The Fabulist is a performance project with the intention of exploring folk-based genres to musically represent and re-tell renditions of Aesop's fables. With a basis of guitar, singing with different voices in a playful style while incorporating bass clarinet, bassoon and shadow puppetry. Juniperus is set to please audiences looking for a dynamic, and rejuvenating experience.



  • The Fabulist

    Various Artists

    July 2014

    “The Fabulist” is Juniperus’ debut full-length album, written and recorded by Saskatoon’s Jeffrey Popiel. Each of 12 songs is backed by classical guitar, acoustic guitar or baritone ukulele, and features a variety of instrumentation and contrasting genres ranging from dark blues to country to cheery folk-pop. Every song re-tells its corresponding fable using different voices for each character or narrator, while leaving the morals of each story open for interpretation. The choruses of each were conceived from Popiel’s imagination; the intention was to capture the essence of each fable while developing the chorus, and building from there. Produced by: Jeffrey Popiel. More info: Released: July 10, 2014



The Vain Jackdaw

From The Fabulist

The Fox Without a Tail

From The Fabulist

The Horse and the Groom

From The Fabulist

The Dolphins the Whales and the Sprat

From The Fabulist

The Bat and the Weasels

From The Fabulist


  • The Dolphins the Whales and the Sprat

    Juniperus presents their first live video release, featuring Stephanie Unverricht on Bassoon and Jeffrey Popiel on classical guitar and main vocals. The story involved speaks of a sprat, a small type of fish, trying to break up a fight between the dolphins and whales.

  • The Ox and the Frogs

    A fable from the ancient Greek, Aesop, "The Ox and the Frogs" is recreated in a unique way through Juniperus' guitar and bass woodwind composition with live shadow puppetry.