East of Eden

Categories: Groups and Duos, Musicians: Vocalist, Songwriters/Composers

Genres: Folk, Jazz, Pop


Alexandra Thomson
8-445 5th Avenue North
Saskatoon, SK, S7K 2P8

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A Saskatoon-based duo with a haunting sound using a mix of genres; indie, pop, & folk.
Created by Alexandra Thomson and Justin Pelan; both members are currently studying engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. Alexandra combines her passionate jazzy vocals with the bluesy notes of Justin's fingerpicking. The duo creates a haunting sound that stirs up deep emotions through intimate lyrics and soulful harmonies. The pair's sound is versatile as they cross borders through unique blends of indie, folk, and pop. From Edmonton Alberta, Justin is a carpenter, a horseman, and currently studies electrical engineering at the U of S. His musical roots grew by playing old time blues guitar with a professor of philosophy, and now finger picks songs of all genres both old and new. Alexandra Thomson is from Regina, Saskatchewan and Carry the Kettle First Nation. She is currently a chemical engineering student at the U of S and has an absolute passion for singing. She loves to express her artistic character through songwriting and continues to grow creatively by immersing herself in a mix of genres.  



  • She Cries Beauty Official Video

    A haunting song created with a mix of genres; indie, folk, & pop.